Transcend Your Limits

Chris Doster
CrossFit TYL
Creston, IA
CrossFit TYL is on a mission to help people become the healthiest and strongest version of themselves. TYL has a fitness program designed to fit all ages, abilities, and goals.
CrossFit TYL uses constantly varied workouts combining Olympic barbell lifts, gymnastics, bodyweight exercises, and metabolic conditioning (cardio) in a way not duplicated in SW Iowa. Each class is overseen by coaches who instruct proper form and scale the movements so they can be done by athletes from middle school children to senior citizens. This translates to a vibrant, supportive community from all different backgrounds united by the common goal of reaching our physical potential. Of course this has a carry over effect into members personal lives. Healthy people are happy, productive members of their community.
Our membership has outgrown our coaching staff and equipment. The money from Dream Big Grow Here would be used to: 1) Help some of our experienced members attend trainings to become certified CrossFit coaches. 2) Purchase enough equipment for our 20-25 person class sizes. 3) Marketing to maintain a steady level of growth and member retention.

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