Corporate Team Building Through African Rhythm and Drummg

Philip Seward
Hand and Heart Drumming, LLC
De Witt, IA
I have a consulting company that uses African drumming to illustrate the aspects and benefits of team building in the corporate environment.
We provide Interactive consulting seminars for businesses.
We bring enough full size drums and percussion for up to 50 people. We then illustrate how the properties of African drumming can be applied to team members in a company. Participants learn to drum in minutes. This allows facilitators to introduce the concepts of customer, service, sales, maintenance, management, and leadership all connecting to group drumming. My company is unique in this area. Unlike other Team building African Drumming seminars, we possess experience in, corporate atmosphere, Customer Service, IT, Indoor and Out Door sales, and management. For our income we book seminars in business, as well as, performances in schools-to offset our early growth. Our industry competition is sparse and does not possess the background skills we have to provide adequate service for our customers. We are active in our community as we donate seminars and programs for charitable .org entities. We currently are conducting a residency with the Gilda's club cancer support center. We have also performed seminars for no-profit schools. We are targeting At-Risk Teens, Prisoner support groups, and PTSD Veterans as recipients of free seminars and programs.
I am applying for this grant because I am new to the Quad City area and the surrounding cities in Iowa and Illinois. It is important to have a broad reach due to the niche market I have. I need exposure and plan to donate seminars to United Way throughout both states as a way to gain notoriety. I also need a direct mailer campaign to target businesses to gain a stronger presence in the consulting industry. I need funds for vehicle upkeep, as travel is a large part of what I do. I also cannot expand with out sufficient equipment to accommodate the larger companies I am encountering such as banks, and manufacturers. I have also have the ability to sell drums at my events to augment slow periods so I will need merchandise. I will need uniforms for employees. I need the funding to sponsor guest artists to perform.

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