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Aaron Hanson
The Compost Ninja
Ladora, IA
40% of the material headed to the landfill could be diverted. The Compost Ninja is a food waste diversion program aiming to divert organic food waste and turn it back into organically grown vegetables and nutrient rich compost to give back to our customers.
The Compost Ninja offers a complete sustainable service unlike any mechanism currently in place.

When our customers sign up they receive their collection unit, complete with a bio degradable bag and list on the top of the unit of things that can and can't be composted. We accept all organic food waste including meats, bones, dairy, paper towels, cardboard, toilet paper rolls and other bio degradable items.

We exchange the collection unit weekly with a fresh, sanitized unit. Each bucket is weighed upon switching them out. The customer earns points based on the wait of their bucket.

They will have the option to redeem their points for nutrient rich compost created from their food waste, or they can redeem them for fresh vegetables and fruits grown with their compost.

We make it easy for everyone to reap the benefits of composting, gardening fresh organic vegetables and helping our communities with little to no effort. The only thing the customer has to do is simply put items that can be composted into their kitchen collection bin and set it by the door to be exchanged every week instead of the trash can.

Our service is available to residences and small businesses in Linn, Johnson and Iowa counties currently. The Compost Ninja costs $25.00 monthly.

We project each customer of The Compost Ninja will divert around 500 lbs of material from the landfill every year.

We are taking food waste and turning it back into food, closing the loop.
We are applying for this money because we have recently seen an influx in business and we would like to invest more into our overhead to expand the business. We would use the money to stock up on pails, liners and lids as well as marketing and educational materials for customers and potential customers.

We have also had many schools reach out to be me part of our service. We will need to purchase equipment to handle the volume created by the schools.

We would like to expand from Linn, Johnson and Iowa counties to be able to serve the greater Eastern Iowa area.

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