Cinnamon -N- Sage Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

robin brown
Cinnamon -N- Sage
Eldridge, IA
All healthy food. Fast, fresh and delicious with drive thru
It's an under-served market in this area. It's small, but growing quickly. We intend to fill the void. We have been operating out of the largest, local farmers market and our customers want us to provide them with other options. We are unique in that we intend to have a drive thru and a full menu that is truly healthy. the majority of our food is plant based, though we do offer protein in the form of lean animal products. Vegans and vegetarians will be comfortable ordering from our menu and be confident that they will be receiving tasty food done well. We will also accommodate all fad diets and grow with the trends. Currently, we have no direct competition, but we have enough indirect competition to indicate a market. There is one truly farm to table restaurant in the area. It is an upscale, sit down restaurant. We also source from local growers and supplier, and, we are considered more upscale. The competing restaurant does not claim to be healthy and doesn't focus on that aspect of the farm to table movement. Several places do claim to serve "fresh" food and they do use fresh produce. Even McDonald's uses fresh lettuce and tomatoes for their salads and sandwiches that call for lettuce and tomato. Our guests will soon realize that all of our product is fresh and handcrafted in house, or locally. We cannot make balsamic vinegar, for example, but have a local supplier. Many of the ethnic restaurants in the area are healthier by default, but they do not monopolize on that aspect in their advertising and promotion. We will also be offering premade meals that people only have to heat and eat. People are VERY excited about this.
We have been offered two opportunities to partner with other businesses so we can offer our food to the public on a daily basis rather than rely solely upon the farmers market. One of those opportunities is in a juice bar and conscious cafe and requires no start up costs. It is simply a profit sharing agreement. The other one is in a wellness center. This one does require some start up costs. We have the funds to cover those, but we are running low. In order to keep both of these places stocked and staffed as well as keep the heat and eat meals and catering jobs that we get up and running, one of us needs to quit the job that we have now. It would be better if two of us could quit. This means that it is time for Cinnamon -N- Sage to start paying wages. I will be quitting my other job first, and am only asking $12,000 a year until we are all being paid and are bringing in enough for me to get a raise. Most, or all of the money received from this grant will be used as a cushion in case the first few months are rocky. Some of it could be used for licenses and unexpected expenses

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