Geri Wester
Victor, IA
When you have a product and want to send it out, what do you put it in? If you are working on home projects, and need to keep organized or move things, what do you put it in? When you go to the store and see products on the shelf, everything sold basically needs a package or bucket.
Affordable Buckets started out with two sizes of molds for plastic, open head buckets and lids in lots of colors and sizes with short lead times in small to large quantities. We are a web based company that sells across the United States and Canada, and Norway, but are not well known in Iowa. We help educate our customers on packaging to make good choices to match their products. Small to large customers, need small to large quantities in lots of colors with quick turnaround time to ship. There are only two major conglomerate companies in the industry left after buyouts, and they only sell truckloads, and have long lead times. Customers call us and tell us they can't even get a return phone call, so, "could we help them?" There are distributors, but the high minimum purchase quantities and lead times leave customers without any packaging to put their product in or even a chance to get started as a home based business. We like to learn our customer's story, and to help them grow. If we can help them grow, then I know we will be there to support them, too.
I am looking forward to a growing year. A pail printing/decorating machine has been put in place to help customers label their containers for market, and now Affordable Buckets will be able to quote truckload orders that were never able to be competitive without printing. There is a newer 5 gal pail and lid mold going into production that will be more efficient and price competitive in line with pricing the the top two companies offer their corporate customers. There will be more lid options such as tint plug and screw cap for paint. There will also be new molds for 2 sizes of rectangular molds with flip lids put into production to increase sales and customer choices.

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