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Todd Dunkel
Iowa Distilling Company
Cumming, IA
Iowa Distilling Company is a 4 year old distillery in Cumming, Iowa. The distillery produces rum, whiskey, and vodka products; and continues to grow and expand its operations in Warren County, Iowa.
Iowa Distilling Company produces craft spirits products which are quite unique in their construction and composition. We produce true caribbean style rums, which are aged with bourbon traits. Our vodkas are produced using unique methods of filtration that are unmatched in the spirits industry. Our whiskeys, ranging from Bourbon to cinnamon whiskey are all constructed with traits which stand out from competing products. Iowa Distilling Company also custom manufactures products for its clients, and is seeing a constant growth in all facets of its diverse manufacturing business.

Our primary markets are retail and on-site alcoholic beverage sales, which is a 300 million dollar industry in Iowa alone. Our primary competition is the large spirits manufacturers from all over the globe. The very large manufacturers own dozens of brands and have much more muscle in the sales and marketing side of the beverage alcohol industry.

Our outstanding customer service, top-notch products, and strong consumer following set us apart form global brands. We continue to expand our product line in key markets, while increasing our sales in existing retail locations. Our creativity, work ethic, and ingenuity are key traits of the success of Iowa Distilling Company.
Iowa Distilling Company is applying for this grant to assist in expansion of our aged whiskey product line. The $10,000 grant money, if presented to Iowa Distilling Company, would be placed directly into aged whiskey manufacturing and Bourbon barrel storage.

The return on investment from the $10,000 grant would yield $135,000 in distillery revenue and $49,000 in tax revenue, in the first 2 years. This money would help us gain a boost in our aged whiskey product availability which is the fastest growing and most valuable beverage alcohol category today.

Thank you very much for considering our grant application! Cheers!
Todd E. Dunkel - President
Iowa Distilling Company

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