Scotty's Auto Service - Revitalize, Repair & Reach!

Scott Anderson
S.J. Enterprises, Inc DBA Scotty's Auto Service LLC
Mason City, IA
Located in Mason City, Scotty's Auto Service is a gem known to the locals offering auto repair and car sales. Starting off as a one man team, offering affordable service and honest work has been the key to our success. With your help, we are seeking an opportunity to expand our building.
Our mission is simple. Provide quality service to our loyal customers.

As a young boy watching my Dad and Grandpa fix cars for their neighbors, I knew from an early age where my career was headed. After graduating in 2000 with an Associates of Applied Science - Automotive Technology Degree from North Iowa Area Community College, I began my career in the automotive industry. Within a short few years, I started Scotty's Auto Service and have been on the move ever since! We pride ourselves on a business model centered around our loyal customers. When customers walk through our door, they rest easy knowing they are getting a personalized service that many people aren't provided in this type of industry. They have come to love the fact that they can talk directly to the mechanic who worked on their car. They love that one on one interaction! We steer away from the corporate feel where you don't know who is working on your car and you can never seem to get any questions answered when you need them!

Our focus is on meeting the demands of our growing customer base. We primarily service a local customer base but also welcome drop-ins and referrals from tow truck companies as well. Within our city, we compete with approximately thirty auto repair businesses and twenty five used car businesses in our town, not including the various businesses in the surrounding areas. We differentiate ourselves by offering a warranty on all vehicles that we sell. Additionally, we fully inspect and repair any vehicles prior to selling them to ensure they are safe and ready to go. Unfortunately, that is not a common practice in our industry with used car sales. Unlike other competitors, we have the ability to focus on the safety and inspection of the cars in-house which provides us with an in-depth knowledge and history of the car, enhancing the customer satisfaction. In that sense, our business model mirrors the likes of new car dealerships in our area. Further, we have paired up with a national auto parts store in our area to provide our customers with a worry free protection program. With this program, any repairs that they have completed at our business are covered through the plan should the part ever be deemed as faulty. The plan also includes roadside assistance service reimbursement, in case our customer should ever find themselves stranded! This is premiere customer service provided through us at no cost to our customers.
With the help of Dream Big, Grow Here, these funds will be used to expand our building through adding on square footage to our repair garage. Currently, we have a two bay garage with only one hoist for repairing vehicles. By adding an additional bay to our repair shop, it increases profitability by allowing us to take on more customers each and every day. We would also like to add more lighting to our busy road front to maximize safety. Our desire is to participate in the Mason City Corridor Revitalization Loan Program, which allows select business property owners in select parts of our town to participate in a program which matches our dollar for dollar investment, to rehabilitate and update building structures. This program was recently developed to bring vitality to these specific corridors of town. By pairing these funds together, we would be able to make this goal happen for us! We feel strongly in our business and in our community and would love to embark on this new adventure in 2016!

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