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Alberto Lacayo III
Climb Lab
Cedar Rapids, IA
We are committed to supporting life at elevation by creating products designed for the challenges of climbing. Naturally disruptive our approach to verticality will definitely rock the community. Founded in Iowa we embrace the responsibility of putting the state on the map for climbing.
Climb Lab has established itself as one of the only climbing companies in the state. Driven by a passion for reaching new heights, our products invoke a desire to explore. We aim to attract customers who respect socially aware businesses in order to meet the expectations of our target market. One of Climb Lab’s strongest features is the evident growth potential due to the uniqueness of what we have to offer. Niche products allow the company to be dynamic in the industry and unreliant on singular trends or markets. With goals of launching four products in the next three years, ambition is our only remedy. The impact can be felt across the corridor starting with local manufacturers such as Beratek Industries and Midwest Metal Products, two companies already showing commitment in supporting initiatives with the development of the following projects. Our most viable products include:

Climb Salve, an organic hand salve created to help rock climbers farm back their skin and get back to what matters. This product is universally marketed to anyone with irritated or dry skin seeking relief.

CNKTR, a true hack and travel-friendly product enabling rock climbers to use stick clipping devices or carabiner extensions while preserving storage capacity, saving weight, avoiding stringent airline fees, and most importantly – climbing safely no matter where the adventure takes them. Also *3D-printable (ready for build-out with BeraTek Industries).

AngleLock, a technical anchoring device engineered to allow rope access specialists and tower technicians the freedom of easily anchoring where there are angle supports or I-beams
(prototype testing underway).

Climb Space, climbing journal app (Android/iOS) with wearable device capabilities allowing altimeter readouts, elevation tracking, GPS integration, and an all-in-one intuitive interface enabling easy management of logs or entries.

Market: Rock climbers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone working at height make up our target market and primary demographic. We have established a strong relationship with the local climbing community and our mission, products, and vision have been well received. We are actively engaged as a partner of the Iowa Climbers Coalition and support their efforts providing influence on our greater region.The most important revenue stream will be generated online through a web store featuring: climb salve, CNKTR, branded apparel, climbing products, and 3D printables for on-demand purchases. *Nearly half of all Americans (48.4%) participated in at least one outdoor activity in 2014. This equates to 141.4 million participants who went on a collective 11.8 billion outdoor outings. (Outdoor recreation topline report 2015) We hope to support these outings by getting our products to market as soon as possible.
Big Dreams: As a teacher, rope access technician, and passionate rock climber I, Alberto Lacayo, love climbing and I hope to spread that joy with others. It’s been my dream for the last four years to start a climbing company in Iowa. Employed at both Coe College & Kirkwood Community, my roots in Cedar Rapids run deep, and my love for Iowa flows through each vein. From my experience as a wind turbine and cell tower technician in Iowa to rock climbing on Kentucky sandstone, my climbing background is very diverse and I hope to convey that through the development of the products I help design. Climbing is not all about heights and pushing the limits. Climbing builds strength both mentally and physically, helping to develop character traits that support a vibrant community. Since inception in 2013, the mission has always been to build a stronger community through health & recreation. By winning Dream Big Grow Here, Climb Lab would secure the launch of both the Climb Salve & CNKTR. With regard to bringing both products to market, the first priority is to scale up production and begin hiring a team necessary for the maturity of sales and operations. Hiring would include: computer aided drafter, graphic designer, sales engineer, and a fulfillment team. This influx of resources allows for the free flow of design and intrigue, creating a cyclical process for continued development of new products. This benefits the community by hiring graduates and corridor talent to make these levels of maturity possible.

We plan to appropriate all resources obtained through DBGH accordingly:

1. Equity to fund Climb Salve & CNKTR build-out with local manufacturers.
2. Development of webstore capable of selling products online + 3D streaming capabilities.
3. Legal guidance & protection of intellectual properties.

Local climbing impact: As a benefit to our community, we strive to bring awareness to Iowa's inherent potential to be become a more visited climbing destination. With maturity of Climb Lab we hope to be the leading advocates for climbing in the state while using our influence and resources to support a network of rock climbers committed to crag-stewardship. We hope to boost opportunities for outdoor recreation in our region and help Iowa elevate the standard of climbing.

Please contact with questions & Thank you for helping us reach our peak!

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