AccuGrain: X-Ray Grain Measurement Technology

Ryan Augustine
AccuGrain LLC
Rose Hill, IA
AccuGrain provides real time grain weight measurements for farmers, commercial grain operators and grain processors. We offer solutions in areas previously constrained by technology and cost limitations. Designed by farmers for the agriculture industry, AccuGrain is redefining grain measurement.
AccuGrain provides a solution to the problem of not being able to measure the weight of grain in real-time for farmers, ethanol plants, and grain cooperatives. While there are some technologies on the market today that offer such solutions, none are as cost effective and simple to implement as AccuGrain. By utilizing patented X-Ray technology from Iowa State University, our sensor has no moving parts, is simple to operate, and is adaptable across a wide variety of applications. The total market for AccuGrain products are the over 300,000 grain storage sites across the United States, nearly 1500 of which are located in Iowa. AccuGrain, LLC will make money through direct product sales to these locations, as well as through recurring software licenses. As a team, each of our diverse backgrounds mesh together to provide the skill set we need to design, build, and market our new product.
We are applying because we are an Iowa company building a product designed for Iowa agriculture, which is exactly what the title of this award conveys. Our goal is to gain positive exposure for our company through this process and if we are fortunate enough to win, use the prize money to support the marketing of our first product. We have spent many long hours and resources developing our product and are now faced with the challenge of turning the concept into a successful business.

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