Helping special needs children through tele practice

Keith Reuter
Therapy Station, PC
Sioux City, IA
Therapy Station, PC. is a new pediatric therapy clinic in Sioux City, IA.
We offer Speech, Occupational, Physical and Feeding clinics to children with special needs.
Most therapy for pediatrics is done in hospitals and at schools, but for most children this is simply not enough. Our therapist at Therapy Station fill this gab to provide more of a one on one approach. Our clinic is funded today by private and state run insurance companies. One of the problems is that over 90% of our clients are Medicaid which is a problem due to the low reimbursement rates, only reimbursing 25% of what is billed. Our clients families are in need of our services, but many are low income and can not always come for therapy. We provide services to children on the autism spectrum. Those that can not eat, walk, communicate even for the simplest things. Children with special needs continues to grow and with therapist and clinics growing more sparse due to competition for higher paid sectors within the industry our clinic is that much more relevant.
Therapy Station needs to exist, we have a need to help those children that can not help themselves. Therapy Station wants to start a tele-practice in the community. There are now options that will allow our clinicians to remote in directly to small towns or even client's homes to provide therapy. Even if someone can not get to our clinic because it might be too far to drive, bad weather or other conflicts we can still provide therapy. The money would be used to purchase the equipment needed for this therapy.

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