Create the first allergy free restaurant in the region

Mike Orlando
Gud n Free
Sioux City, IA
We can genuinely say, this business will be a first of its kind in the region. No restaurant closer than Minneapolis sells allergen free food, exclusively. The food will appeal to the masses, providing a safe haven for those that have felt excluded in the past, and opening up possibilities.
There is no other business like ours within 250 miles of us. We are completely free of gluten, wheat, nuts, tree nuts, and fish. Dairy and soy are also avoidable. That said, the food will be familiar to people...burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, sub sandwiches, etc. We felt that the concept is different enough, so the type of food needed to be relatable to be a success. We find that if we are able to sell between 100-120 people a day, we will be profitable. We've done an extensive business plan with our local SBA representative. We do need people without allergies to buy from us, as well. And we believe that can be achieved, because our food is good. Allergy free has come a long way in just the five years we have lived this way. Our market size is around 150,000, including the suburban area and surrounding small towns.
The main reason we did this was family. Our own, which has Celiac and other food all the others, who just feel left out. This has felt like a mission, and when you're doing something for the greater good, it feels right. But like any venture, the investment is a bit scary. While we have some of our own money and taken loans, the Dream Big grant would allow us to have more operating capital to purchase more equipment, such as a more efficient POS system as well as a music system.

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