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Kaity Klotzbach
Northeast Iowa Doulas, LLC
Cedar Falls, IA
We are committed to excellence and making a positive impact on women, babies, birth, and families for years to come. We aim to help families feel empowered through the process of discovering their own personal philosophies regarding birth and parenting, and supporting them in those choices.
Simply put, we are setting the standard for professional maternity services in Northeast Iowa and surrounding areas, and our tireless work to deliver the best to our clients is never done. We look forward to the opportunity to show you what great doula care in Iowa really looks like.

Northeast Iowa Doulas was created with longevity in mind for doulas to do the work they love, and for families to find the unwavering, judgment-free, and genuine support they need throughout pregnancy, birth and the time after their new baby arrives.

We’ve developed working relationships with care providers in order to create a cohesive team approach for each client. In collaboration with obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and other local care providers, we’re able to make the biggest difference in our supportive roles. Making professionalism the cornerstone of our business, while keeping our vow to make the client our number one priority, has been the foundation on which our agency was built.

Whether someone is planning ahead for a family, just found out they are pregnant, days away from their due date, or several weeks into new parenthood, Northeast Iowa Doulas has something for everyone. As a full-service agency, we’re able to fulfill every need from pregnancy to postpartum. Every client receives well-rounded, personalized care from a team of qualified experts. We are truly a one-stop shop for new and expecting families and offer a wide variety of professional services.

Professional services offered:
*Birth doula support
*Postpartum doula support
*Childbirth education classes and workshops
*Mental health services

Something that makes us unique is that we offer supportive services in a way that is completely free from judgment, opinion or bias. It is true that everyone and their brother will have an opinion on how you should give birth or what provider to chose, etc. and then after baby arrives there will be many different unwanted opinions on how to feed the baby, how to change the baby, or to rock the baby....Without an opinion on how one should parent, but providing endless resources and information, our advice is sought after by new and veteran mothers alike. We support our clients in whatever they decide works best for them and their family.

Northeast Iowa Doulas has worked to create strong collaborations with area providers to make each client's birth team phenomenal. We carefully adhere to a scope of practice to ensure proper support is maintained. We follow a code of ethics and know our role on the support team. We never replace any members of the birth team but seek to enhance it with our presence. As such, we’ve earned the respect of area doctors, midwives and nurses, who are eager to work with our professional team at Northeast Iowa Doulas to make our client's experience respected, supported, and exceptional.

Northeast Iowa Doulas is a fee-for-service business. We offer various packages and have something for every family and every budget ranging from our 'All-in-One' package which includes all of our professional services rolled into one luxury package down to a DIY childbirth education parent guide for those who want to go it alone.

We are leading our competitors by elevating the role of doulas and the entire industry in the eyes of our clients, healthcare professionals, and our doulas by showing them that this is a profession, not a philosophy. Northeast Iowa Doulas is committed to reliable care for every client. Attendance at each of our client's birth by one of our professional doulas is guaranteed because our doulas work in teams of two; something that makes us truly exceptional. Each team begins their on-call time {twenty-four hours a day} from the moment our contract is signed and we are chosen to provide supportive services. This aspect of our supportive services can only be found at Northeast Iowa Doulas.

We proudly serve the Cedar Valley and surrounding areas such as: Waverly, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque, and everywhere in between. We have future plans to further expand our reach and connect with new and expecting families in other areas of Iowa.
Winning Dream Big Grow Here would help us to further expand Northeast Iowa Doulas and allow for us to reach more new and expecting families who are in need of support during this important time in their lives.

With your help in winning Dream Big Grow Here and increased funding we plan to increase customer acquisition through marketing and advertising efforts by hiring a professional video production company to create a promotional video for our website and social media. By doing this we will grow our business allowing us to raise the compensation for our doulas which will create sustainability for them to better support their own families.

Additionally, we plan to invest in a CRM software for customer relationship management to increase our level of efficiency and service to our clients.

Finally, any remaining money will go towards increasing our budget for Lunch N’ Learns. This gives us the opportunity to collaborate with area OB and midwifery practices to find out how we can work together to provide the best overall care to new and expecting families in Eastern Iowa.

For more information on the wide variety of professional services we offer at Northeast Iowa Doulas, visit us online at:

Our dream is growing and will continue to grow. This is our reason for applying for Dream Big Grow Here. We want to support more families in achieving their own big dreams of growing their families.
Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

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