Furniture Re-do & Gifts - Cresco, Iowa

Nancy Henry
Furniture Re-do & Gifts
Cresco, IA
We call ourselves "2 Chicks In A Barn" We are a unique one of a kind gift shop offering re-purposed & new gifts. Offering furniture upholstery, caning, and furniture painting. Recycling old items into something new, beautiful, and usable.
Our small business started out in our homes then on to a garage and in 3 years we have re-purpose a small barn into our work shop and gift shop. This is truly a dream come true. Best friends from high school who always talked of owning a business together finally did it. At the age of 50 we quit our jobs, juggling home, kids, and grandkids and went for our dream! We are very creative, unique, and one of a kind (not only in our work but our personalities) We take much pleasure in creating neat useful beautiful items out of what would have ended up in the dump. We also do upholstery and caning that is in great demand!
We have grown so much in our 3 years we out grew our space and we tried so hard to buy an building in town but we we could not get the support of our local banks. With the constant demand for our upholstery services we need to purchase another industrial upholstery sewing machine and other small equipment so we can keep up with all the work coming our way. Because we are in the country but on a state hwy we need better signs (advertising) on the hwy and in town so customers can find us. The two of us have used every last dime we had to get the business going and only borrowed what was needed to get the barn usable. We did not even pay ourselves for the first couple years. We have started something good here and we are self motivated, determined, and dreaming big!

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