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Kyle & Sarah Scheel
Scheel's Professional Lawn Care, LLC
Fairbank, IA
Our name says it all: Scheel's " Professional" Lawn Care! We take property maintenance to the next level. Not only do we come dressed to impress, we provide service to impress! Anyone can run a mower or a snow plow. It's the finished product that lets us stand out above the rest!
We are a mid-sized, fast growing, lawn, landscape & snow removal business. We starting our business in a market that was lacking a property maintenance company that could provide high quality, professional services, in an efficient manor. We service about a 30 mile radius consisting of approximately 15k people. Our services are lawn care, lawn maintenance, landscaping & maintenance, pest control & snow removal. Our quality work helped us to quickly grow leaps and bounds by referrals. Over the past 4 years, our team has grown from 3 total employees, to 11 in the summer and 16 in the winter. We are unique in the area because we are professional - We are always in company uniform, utilizing company trucks and providing our employees with industry specific education & training. We provide professional service yet still go the extra mile for our clients, tailoring services to their needs. We strive to provide high quality service and jobs to the community. In our opinion, a well manicured and maintained space is an inviting, welcoming space. We like to provide that environment to both our residential & commercial clients. Proof of this theory is a small community park that we volunteered to renovate & maintain last year. It was originally an empty weed & gravel filled lot where a building burned down. Our team brought in topsoil, seeded, planted trees & landscaped the park. The city put up a wrought iron fence and another local contractor built a band shelter for it. It is now a local gathering once a month for the community to listen to live music, enjoy kids activities & come together as a community! The Dream Big, Grow Here program describes us perfectly - We had a Big Dream.. And we are Growing Here, in our home town, making a difference!
We are applying for Dream Big, Grow Here because as we grow, we need to continue to stay efficient. We would like to be able to stream line our production process by using mobile technology. We would like to purchase mobile software & tablets and/or phones for our trucks. This would allow our crews to pull up jobs & enter production real time. They would be able to access site maps & diagrams to verify each job is completed accurately. Mobile technology will save countless hours in the office manually entering times for the previous days work. It will also allow us to track routes & times to maximize the efficiency of our daily routines. The more efficient we can be as a company, the more money we will be able to put towards equipment or employee benefits! We would also like to update our website to streamline processes for our customers & applicants.

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