Morgan Jacobsen
Iowa City, IA
Empowermeapp (Empower) is a mobile application for people to express their questions, thoughts, and challenges anonymously in a safe place.  Peers and professionals create communities to offer support, accessible by the users. Empower allows users to connect with their community anywhere, anytime.
Competitive Advantage
Whisper and Yik Yak are both anonymous applications. Both have millions of users, and each has received over 60 million dollars in venture capital. Whisper combats cyber bullying by paying 130 human moderators, and Yik Yak geo-fences out high school zones to encourage a more mature audience. Empower is superior in two ways. First, is the comment approval process by members in the community and second, is it fosters the connection between peers and professionals.

Koko is a new start-up app to try to use crowdsources cognitive therapy. They are in the early stages as well, but they focus only on problems, don't have the comment approval process, and users are not able to choose their pictures. From customer discovery, we found our target market wants to use their pictures and doesn't want to look at an applicaiton with only depressing topics.

Revenue Model
Businesses have the ability to create an account by paying a subscription fee. The fee will be smaller for the local sponsorship model and more expensive for the national sponsorship model. The business account allows the company to provide information about the services they provide as well as giving contact information. The business may also provide information on local or national resources. This gives the business a positive brand image from helping the community. The key distinguishing feature between the consumer and the business account is the consumer account is anonymous and the business account is not.
Trying to build an app is expensive. We were fortunate to have an intern through the John Pappajohn Entreprenuarial Center at The University of Iowa work on our first alpha version of the application. Our first version needs more revision and adjustments and most likely a complete rebuild. Therefore, the money would go towards continued application development.

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