kor... design from the inside out

mary segriff
cedar rapids, IA
kor is challenging conventional thinking of design and space planning. Through research-based, workplace analysis, design is about achieving desired business outcomes and establishing priorities for smart workplace investments. kor has saved their clients millions of dollars in their 12 year tenure.
At kor, we are reinventing who we are.

Though our mission of providing our clients great solutions for their facilities has never changed, the world has. There is so much information and our clients are confused. Do you call an architect, a contractor or a furniture dealer? Should you duplicate what Google or Facebook are doing or follow one of the trends that you have read about or let the squeaky wheel in your office dictate what you do? Will you know if their plan will actually support the work your employees are asked to do? How will you measure the success of your project? Facility changes are very expensive! Do you really want to experiment?

We provide upfront and predictive, not post-mortem analysis. kor has saved our clients millions of dollars in reduced square footage, furniture redundancy, and building costs. We have provided data to owners of companies that have influenced major building projects. We have provided solutions that have increased employee productivity and improved engagement. We have facilitated change strategy and ultimately have improved organizations bottom line.

Through our process and our partnership with environmental psychologist, Sue Weidemann PhD. (BOSTI) pioneer in workplace strategy, we have changed the game in this unmined science. We provide facilities triage to assist our clients in developing a master plan giving them the tools necessary to make decisions and who they need on their team.

Not typically what one thinks of from a furniture dealership and commercial interior design firm.

We are women owned, Iowa Targeted Small Business and member of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners). We are charter and board members of IFMA (International Facilities Management Association) and their alliant group WE (Workplace Evolutionaries) We are active volunteers presently serving on ECI (Early Childhood Iowa) board.
Because we no longer view ourselves as a furniture dealership, as furniture is only a piece of the design solution, we need to revamp our website and our marketing strategy to convey who we really are. We are taking our own advice and hiring an expert in this field.

We believe our process can work nationwide and we are exploring avenues and personel to do this.

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