If we build it, they will come

Rina Jensen
Cedar Rapids, IA
At 40 years old I finally realized I could, and should, not only share my creativity and pursue it as more than a hobby, I should also support other creatives. Changing our core to make a commitment to Iowa based artists and American made items, we are the epitome of shop local.
Domicile is really about where you live. I don't know anyone whose home is not enjoyable to them. People decorate to fit their styles. Some walls are adorned with original works of art. Some with family photos. Some not at all. We host family and friends. We laugh. We cry. We live our lives and every day we look to add a little more pleasure. Domicile is the only place in the corridor that has made a commitment to Iowa based artists and to our customers to provide original works of art, fun gifts and to spend our money with companies who were born, raised and stayed in the United States. The combination of Iowa artisans and American made is what sets us apart from other galleries and home decor stores.

Domicile makes it money by entry fees for art show submissions, purchasing inventory at wholesale prices and working with interior design companies to move their showroom inventory. We will still consign a few pieces, but on a referral basis from our design partnerships.
I am applying because it is outside of my comfort zone. I prefer to be behind a camera, not in front of it. I love talking with people on an individual basis, not in front of crowd trying to convince them I'm some kind of rock star. I am applying because I will learn and grow from this experience and that is what life is about!

Winning this competition would allow for a larger advertising budget. Ok, who am I kidding? It would allow for AN advertising budget and a bit more inventory. I am great at telling people what my vision is, but my voice travels only so far. The work we display by local artists is not an up-front cost, but the fun and funky gifts and accessories we offer are. This grant would allow me to reach more people, and source more American made products.

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