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Scott Burak
Cedar Falls, IA
ADFly, LLC is a digital agency which offers advertising and PR services to developing brands that operate, in any capacity, on the internet. We offer search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media management and web design packages tailored the specific needs of each client.
The Digital Advertising industry is growing, a trend that’s expected to continue through 2020 as evidenced by the annual percent of industry value added (approx. 5.8%) compared to an annual increase in GDP over the same time period (2.2%)[1]. Rising corporate profit tends to lead to an increase in overall advertising budget and the large, consistent growth in internet traffic (expected to double in 3 years) is pushing advertising expenditure towards digital[1], especially in the retail industry.

Small businesses, which are typically slower to pick up on market trends, are not taking full advantage of digital advertising, however. In 2013, digital advertising comprised 15-16% of the advertising budget for companies in the United States, on average. Small businesses only allocated 3% of the advertising budget to digital advertising, a stark contrast[2]. On average, U.S. companies are projected to commit upwards of 25% of their total advertising budget to digital marketing, while small business is still lagging behind[3]. ADFly is poised to seize this opportunity by working with small (and often, local) businesses to tailor marketing strategies that give them real, tangible results.

Like any full-service digital agency, ADFly has a full repertoire of digital marketing strategies to offer clients:

Social Media Management - offered a monthly/annual package rates based on the number & type of social media account(s) to manage, interactivity with the public and fans of client’s brand initial reputation and maintenance of reputation.

Search Engine Optimization - service costs depend directly on the findings of an initial SEO audit, Google webmaster management & analytic report, and necessity of on-page optimization and/or off-page optimization.

Search Engine Marketing - ADFly works with clients to set specific campaign goals (click through to a webpage, pay-per conversion, phone call, etc.) and organizes an advertising campaign with large search engines (i.e. Google and Bing). ADFly collects a 15% management fee on the total SEM budget set by the client.

Website Design - Many clients understand how critical having a website is to their business, but few lack the skills to design their own. Often, small business owners turn to cookie-cutter design sites like Squarespace. These sites do the job, but are accompanied by subscription fees and appear generic to viewers. ADFly partners with a web design team to provide clients with an affordable, custom website and reliable hosting at a lower price than any of the large hosts. Once established, these website do not require programming experience to modify, allowing clients to maintain their site without having to pay again and again.

ADFly began as an experiment in ecommerce advertising through entertainment Twitter accounts, mostly to discern if there is a demand for this type of digital marketing services - it’s this type of social media marketing that sets ADFly apart from competitors. We have bulk rates negotiated with a large network of social media entertainment venues, encompassing a wide variety of consumer targets including fashion, health and fitness, cooking and technology. Our social display network is far more cost-effective for small business or individual promotion than conventional television or radio advertising and often more direct than Facebook or Twitter-sponsored posts.

ADFly offers quality website design and hosting services at prices that are far lower than is typical for the industry. Our proprietary social advertising network represents an innovative alternative to traditional display advertising, which constitutes a novel service in its own right. What really sets ADFly apart from the competition however, is its focus on small business and community outreach. ADFly has provided marketing services for clothing retailers, independent artists, and local contractors and we are currently expanding our local outreach program to provide services to even more businesses in the Cedar Valley. Further, ADFly has offered social media management services and an SEO audit to a local branch of the charity organization Heart to Heart International free of charge, and is currently under consideration for the job.

[1] Turk, Sarah. 2015. IBISWorld Industry Report OD5889 Digital Advertising Agencies in the US. IBISWorld Inc.

[2] DiGrande S, Knox D, Manfre K, Rose J. 2013. Unlocking the Digital-Marketing Potential of Small Businesses. Boston Consulting Group.

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Grant Keller and Scott Burak, the owners and founders of ADFly LLC, are entrepreneurs involved in the University of Northern Iowa’s Student Business Incubator program. Scott is currently pursuing a degree in Interactive Digital Studies with the Digital Advertising and Digital Imaging at UNI and is employed as a Search Engine Marketing account manager at Mudd Advertising, a digital agency servicing the automotive industry in Cedar Falls. Grant is in his final semester as a Biochemistry major at Wartburg College, which has afforded him significant experience in interpreting industry research. Grant has obtained completion certificates in data mining and marketing courses from online institutions on topics such as Pattern Discovery in Data Mining and Using NumPy Python Packages for Large-Scale Data Analytics, and is well-versed in the R programming language which is used for mass statistical analysis and has powerful data mining capabilities.

We are applying to the Dream Big Grow Here contest as we feel it embodies the competitive entrepreneurial spirit we wish to cultivate as the operators of a digital marketing agency and members of the SBI. We hope to purchase the social media management tools that will allow us to streamline our management process (Hootsuite - $179.88/yr), search engine optimization reporting tools (Raven tools - $1188.00/yr) and a new computer (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD approx. $550 self-built) with Adobe Creative Cloud software ($480.00/yr) for content creation. We also intend to market our company to ecommerce companies and small store owners (such as Etsy; $100.00 SEM, $50.00 Facebook promotion, $150.00 ADFly’s proprietary network advertising).

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