Red Acre Barn and vineyard will be a 5,632 square ft venue space for wedding receptions and events.


Sherry Peterson
Red Acre Barn
Prole, IA
We are using reclaimed wood on the inside from old barns in Iowa to transform Red Acre Barn from ordinary into the extraordinary! It will be a flawless blend of rustic, elegance, and beauty that provides the picture perfect backdrop set on 24 acres of land.
Red Acre Barn will combine the authentic feel of a true Iowa barn with the highest levels of service. When renting our venue, we will offer the following:

• Capacity of up to 300 people
• Use of the barn and surrounding area
• Multiple ceremony sites inside and outside
• Use of tables and chairs
• Table linens, chair covers, photo “booth” area, ceremony arch, tree stump centerpieces, and whiskey barrels rental options
• Separate preparation rooms
• Plentiful parking area for up to 150 cars
• Full service bar
• Trained bartenders for alcohol
• Kitchen facilities available, including a stove, fridge, and microwave (outside licensed caterers must be brought in)
• Accommodations/outlets for a DJ or live band
• Modern restrooms

Today’s smart contractors know that whenever possible buildings should be designed and built green. Sustainability is about end-use, how a building functions for occupants within the community. While in the planning stages of Red Acre Barn, we are focusing on three major components for our building project:

1. Sustainable building/energy efficiency
2. Design (including location/zoning)
3. Material/Beauty

We are installing GSHP (geothermal source heat pumps) which is one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available today. GSHPs save money, both in operating costs and maintenance costs. Investments can be recouped in as little as three years. There is a positive cash flow, since the energy savings usually exceeds payment on the system. Currently installed systems are making a huge difference in our environment! The systems are eliminating more than three million tons of carbon dioxide and is equivalent of taking 650,000 automobiles off the road. GSHP systems conserve energy and, because they move heat that already exists rather than burning something to create heat, they reduce the amount of toxic emissions in the atmosphere. They use renewable energy from the sun, and because the system doesn't rely on outside air, it keeps the air inside of buildings cleaner and free from pollens, outdoor pollutants, mold spores, and other allergens.

This spring we will be planting a small scale vineyard, approximately 2-4 acres. Grapevines not only produce sweet and versatile fruits, they add an element of drama to a landscape. Once we turn a crop, our plan is to sell our grapes to a local winery, allowing them utilization for their estate wines. We would like to, as part of our partnership agreement, sell the winery’s wines at our full service bar. As part of zoning, our intent and design is to preserve the agricultural resources of Warren County and protect agricultural land from encroachment of non-agricultural uses and activities.

Today, reclaimed wood is considered to be a green building material because of its arguably better ecological properties. We believe that it is our ecological responsibility to build green. Reclaimed wood is 100% original and not mass produced like other wood products. It is real. Reclaimed wood is often referred to as "historical wood" or "story wood" because every board tells a story about where it came from and how it arrived. We are excited to share our story with our clients! The seemingly endless variations in color, grain and texture transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Depending on where you get married, the cost of your wedding can vary significantly from the national average of $29,858. Currently in Iowa, the average cost for the following are:
Event location: $2,747 - $4,579
Event bar service: $1,823 - $3,039
Event rentals: $1,316 - $2,194

Currently in Iowa, the following are 3 comparable wedding barn venues:

1. Barnes' Place, Adel, Iowa
Open year round
Rental fee is $4,500
Seating for 300

2. Stonehaven Barn, Desoto, Iowa
Open May 1-Nov 1
Rental fee is $3,000
Seating for 110

3. De Novo Barn, Decorah, Iowa
Open year round
Rental fee is $5,400
Seating for 200

Red Acre Barn, Prole, Iowa
Open year round
Rental fee is $4000
Seating for 300

Sherry Peterson, graduated from Simpson College with a Bachelors degree in Art, concentration in graphic design and photography. She has 10 years of experience in the field of web and graphic design for EDJE Technologies and 9 years of experience in photography. Sherry is trained in computer graphics packages such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as knowledge of Flash. She also keeps up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking and work closely with clients to create innovative, effective campaigns. Sherry has successfully built a photography business,, and branded herself. She has expanded her clients much through the use of Facebook, her website, and word of mouth.

Sherry's family is her driving force behind Red Acre Barn. She is the owner, along with her husband and partner, Kyle Peterson, sister and partner, Holly Burgin, and brother in law and partner, Jason Burgin. She is a mom of two gorgeous children, Jaxon and Knox. Sherry grew up in Indianola, loved being creative her whole life, and have always had an infinite love for art, sports, and design. Like all things we love, Red Acre Barn was born from a whim, nurtured by passion, and grew from the unexpected, unpredictable twists that life has gifted us along the way. In February 2013, we discovered a love for old barns. At the time, Sherry was running her own photography business, and because of her success, our vision developed into the pursuit of growth and expansion to include a venue.

Giving is fundamental to our business; we want to help change lives. Together with our customers, we’re hoping to transform wedding bookings into a force for good around the world. The premise is simple, but the potential to help others is huge. When a client books a wedding at Red Acre Barn, we’ll donate money to fill 5 “Backpacks 4 Hunger” for children in our community in their name. By donating 5 backpacks, we’re helping improve the health, education, and well-being of a child. We're excited to make giving a powerful reality every day, to spreading love, and change the life of children in need!
We would love to use the money we win to upgrade our outdoor space so that its a little safer and more user friendly for our guest. We would add two light poles to our parking lot and where our outdoor ceremony location is already shaped, we would upgrade the path down to it with cement.

Thanks for considering us, we are excited to be pursuing our dreams and to help grow Warren County!

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