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Phill Anton
Cedar Rapids, IA
Trofix is a fledgling startup dedicated to improving the free-time of our customers with creative products that make gardening a freakishly enjoyable experience. We are getting ready to launch our first line of woodcrafted suction-cup window planters made from "rescued" trees.
One bad experience with a temperamental houseplant can lead a person to believe they weren't endowed with a "green-thumb". Trofix is aware of this learning curve and takes pride in developing products for those looking to wake-up their hibernating green-thumb.

First Product Line
We have designed classy "window boxes" with a very convenient set of suction cups mounted on the backside. It's essentially a floating flower pot. Decorate your home, apartment, workplace or patio with a little creative greenery. Unlike a couple similar products on the market, our boxes are made from sustainably harvested hardwood!

Every planter box offers extremely unique grain design and information about the tree it was harvested from. Whats more, we provide the plants and very easy to absorb directions on how to care for your potted friends. It really can't get any easier or more beautiful than that (well, it can, but for now this is pretty great).

The window boxes are just about ready for beta testing within our community supporters. The launch of the product will be sometime in May at the local farmers market in Cedar Rapids IA. This will give us a great chance to talk to interested buyers and get a little one on one feedback.

Our business model is centered around direct sales through internet and local farmers markets. With our modern and crispy clean marketing strategy we will be appealing to the 20s and 30s age bracket but will have the entire amateur gardening demographic looking to give window boxes as thoughtful gifts to their loved ones with a green-thumb.

Our wood is harvested by Trofix and brought to a local sawyer to cut and dry the wood into usable material. Wood sources abound through our network of passionate collaborators and supporters.

A couple other competitors exist in the suction-cup planter market. Trofix' planters differ greatly in curb-appeal and our approach to offering an easily absorbed Trofix' window planters are unique from competitors' in their overall curb-appeal and Trofix approaches

These boxes are only the beginning. We have many more ideas and upgrades in mind for the future. The first line was made from white oak found in Linn County. Many more beautiful species of wood exist in our neighborhood and are ready to be saved from the decay of the forest floor.
This is currently a 1-Man operation. Why do I use "we" so often in the executive summary above^^^?? This is a direct reflection of how every supporting friend and community member has made me feel like there is potential for Trofix to do big things. And Trofix will soon be a "we" endeavor as soon as I can start scaling up the business.

Did I mention this is a part-time endeavor? I have a full-time job as a custom furniture maker in Marion Iowa, all the hours I have spent on developing Trofix have been after 5pm or weekends. My dream is to start creating with my collaborators full-time in order to devote my full attention to building a company that will inspire the masses to Grow Something Awesome.

The prize money would be used to purchase tools for a Trofix workshop where I can work side by side with my colleagues.

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