Pooch Purrfect Grooming & Boarding - Providing a safe home-like experience for your pet

Kathy Lynch
Pooch Purrfect
Sloan, IA
Pooch Purrfect Boarding and Grooming is a full-service pet care facility dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction by giving excellent service and quality pet care in a fun, clean and enjoyable atmosphere at a reasonable price.
Pets play an ever-increasing role in our lives and people are choosing to provide their pets with a good quality of life. Owners with active pets are seeking alternative outlets for their pets and peace of mind for themselves knowing their pet is getting the attention they need.

Pooch Purrfect provides daycare, overnight boarding, and grooming, as well as specialty pet products with convenient hours for clients to drop off and pick up pets. We are conveniently located on Hwy 75 with easy access to and from Interstate 29, Hwy 141 and Hwy 75.

As owner of Pooch Purrfect, I have lived and worked in the Sloan area for over 20 years, most of those years working with pets and owning several pets myself. I have been a volunteer and previous vice-president of Noah's Hope Animal Rescue and have fostered over 100 rescued pets, adopting 6 of them. I have worked and/or volunteered at Westwood Animal Hospital part-time for many of the past 20 years grooming dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs. I have built a clientele that numbers over 100 currently.

Last year, it became apparent that the space at the Westwood Animal Hospital was no longer adequate for the number of clients I had. I had no room for boarding large dogs, or more than a few small dogs. I built a new building last fall that provides the needed space for grooming and boarding - large or small animals.

I also realized that there was a need for a new, larger facility because the closest boarding to Sloan was Sioux City or Mapleton which makes it inconvenient for a large number of people in and around Sloan. I currently have clients from Sergeant Bluff to the north, Onawa to the south and Moville to the east. My clients come largely by word of mouth. Satisfied customers tell their friends, and first-time customers become repeat customers for both grooming and boarding. My market area serves well over 6,000 people.
I am applying for this grant because although the building is built and I am operational, I did not have enough money at the end of the project to put up adequate fencing to allow a large enough area to take dogs out to relieve themselves and to let them have supervised play on nice days, off leash. I currently have used fencing that is not secure enough to let dogs out in, off-leash. My first concern is pet safety and currently I need to take dogs out on a leash for their safety. So I would use the money to purchase new fencing that would be properly installed by professionals so pets can go out into the fenced yard to play and I won't worry about them getting through the fence and getting hurt. Being on Hwy 75, safety is a big concern.

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