Frosted! Making the World Shine, One Custom Order at a Time!

BRITTANY Hawthorne
Frosted! by Brittany
Cedar Falls, IA
Frosted! by Brittany is a custom redesign business. With Frost (all things shiny) we appeal to our customer’s desire to have unique, one of a kind pieces through exclusive custom work. Our main focus is apparel but we've also taken on awesome new ventures such as power wheels and statues.
Frosted! is built off of being unique and different. We pride ourselves on creating one of a kind pieces our customers can be proud to exclusively own. Our ability to take our customers request and exceed expectations as well as maintaining affordability forces us to stand out from our competition. We have researched and studied the best ways to do what we do and our quality exceeds that of our competition (which:includes DIYers and etsy). Rather than our customers trusting someone they don't know around the country, we provide a sense of security as well as a guaranteed quick turn around time to deliver the finished product. Our customers are very pleased with our services and are willing to pay our prices and continue referring and using our business creating loyalty.
We hope to incorporate new processes that will increase the servicing of our company including adding new employees, new equipment and on hand inventory to cut down the inconvenience of customers having to provide all items. We would also like to open a storefront in which we can increase our exposure as well as our sales and work space. Though we plan to achieve all of these goals, winning the competition would put our dreams into motion within one year as opposed to several. Though our business is very rare, timing of getting these goals accomplished is important since there is nothing close to our business in the area. This exclusivity would grant us majority of the market share within the state and surrounding areas.

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