Riding Light-growing (enriching) children and adults through equine experience.

Judy Wiedemeier
Riding Light Horsemanship, LLC
Buffalo Center, IA
Riding Light Horsemanship exists to enrich the lives of children and adults centered around equestrian activities. Character, confidence and skill are developed through interaction with the horse in a variety of settings.
Riding Light Horsemanship (RLH) was established in 2015. RLH separates itself from the rest of the local equine riding industry by focusing on student development as much as riding. Our focus is on beginner students who are allowed to progress at their own pace and are promoted to the next level of riding based on the basics of safety, equine knowledge, skill and confidence. Our competition is much more focused on riding and showing.

We offer one on one (private), or one on two (semi-private)training sessions. Four one-hour private sessions may be purchased for $100.00. Five one-hour semi-private sessions may be purchased for $100.00. After the indoor arena is established, we also plan to lease arena time. The details in regards to this are not finalized.

The nearest competition is 25 miles away. Based on the amount of interest and participants in 2015 combined with those we weren't able to offer lessons to due to lack of time and good weather we have found there is a demand for this business and facility in our area.
Our current facilities can not handle the number of individuals who would like to participate in our program. Our round pen is too small for the semi-private lessons. It needs to be doubled in size which would include the purchase of additional gates and dirt work to ensure safe footing.

We own a 40' x 80' pole barn which can be converted into an indoor riding arena for both lessons and rental. Establishment of this arena would allow for additional opportunities for lessons during adverse weather and seasons with fewer daylight hours. To convert this building to a safe riding area we would need to install sheets of 6 foot ply wood to the inside walls to give them a smooth surface so riders would not "catch" their feet when riding by the supporting beams. We need to bring in sand for the footing and additional gates for door ways to allow safe entrance and exit. We would also need to install electric and lighting.

Riding Light Horsemanship is truly my dream business. I have had a passion for horses since I was a child, and now I wish to pass on that passion to others and help them experience the joy of spending time with and riding horses. Unfortunately, it would take several years before we would have the funds to expand to the level described above. I hope you consider this worthy of your award.

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