World's first functional biking apparel

Russell Drenth
Decorah, IA
Cyco-Bike is the world's first functional biking apparel company. Solar panels charge your mobile devices while you ride with reflective lighting built in for night riding. The gloves have reflective knuckle protectors for safe night riding along with removable sweat stripz.
Ask any bike rider who travels long distances, i.e. RAGBRAI, especially in remote areas, if they have had their cell phone batteries deplete. Ask that same rider if their hand signals are seen at night on a dark street. Ask any rider on a hot day if their back sweats more than their front (the air/wind hits the front and dissipates heat, while the back remains very hot.) Ask any motorist if they can truly see a bicycle rider at night from a distance.

Cyco-Bike has the answer to all of these issues. The bike jersey has solar panel capabilties to charge devices on the go, reflective el-wire lights up the sky at night and can be seen for miles while the back has a removable panel with mesh back. The gloves have reflective knuckle protectors for safety at night (hand signals can be seen,) removable sweat stripz to help wipe forehead and nose and tough grip palm helps grip the handlebars even when hands are sweating.

Cyco-Bike has innovative, one of a kind products, that solve problems in the market.

Market channels are through programs for store front retailers, websites and also private labeling. Production has been established and costs are very competitive. Additional streams of revenue exist by selling the solar panels and el-wire as separate "add-on" items. The customer may also buy the entire package at a special price. Cyco-Bike is also the only company building bike jerseys for big and tall, including up to size 5XB and 4XT. Till now, anyone who was big and tall couldn't find a bike jersey to fit, meaning many teams couldn't get jerseys for all riders.

Currently there are no other "functional" bike apparel companies in the market. Competition comes in the form of people trying to charge their devices through stationary solar panels on the bike, which doesn't offer versatility. El-wire is currently used on bikes, but it is not highly visible from behind. The most dangerous situation for a rider is a motorist from behind not seeing them. With el-wire positioned on the upper back, the Cyco-Bike rider can be seen for miles and is highly visible.

It is estimated that over 50 million bike riders exist in the USA alone. Over 10% of these riders are active and do long trips. This is the target audience not being reached by conventional bike clothing.
The funds would be used for production of the product, trade shows/advertising, and future product development.

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