From Farm to Shelf...Taking Iowa grown or produced products from concept to retail.

Rick Valentine
Valentine Food Company
indianola, IA
Valentine Food Company has utilized their time and resources to transform their facility from a commercial kitchen to a food production facility. VFC has developed a process and acquired the necessary equipment to take recipes, products or ideas through from concept to production.
Our business is based on the premise that people are in search of quality food products without preservatives and additives. Iowa has always had the reputation of being the "bread basket" of the world. Our products, through extensive testing of food preservation, are able to be produced with "clean" labels; meaning ingredient lists that you can not only pronounce, but know what they are. Since the concept has been in process, many different companies and products have surfaced expressing interest in our services. Surrounding states have similar types of businesses that are flourishing with health conscious products. Home grown, no preservative added food products are being sold with demand exceeding production capacities. I believe that Iowa is prime for this type of business considering the rise of small "hobby" farms and the migration of people to rural acreages. Our company is unique in that we are able to produce these products efficiently in a small batch setting. Allowing a wider variety of products to be brought to shelves economically.
I'm applying for this program due to the overwhelming interest in our small batch food production program. The equipment we have purchased thus far has gotten us into the market. We now need to purchase further production equipment to make our facility more efficient to be able to keep production costs down, therefore keeping the final product price within market demand. We also would like to expand our web presence to be able to offer a more robust marketplace for the products we produce to be located easily.

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