#STOP1in12 - Suicide Awareness College Campus Campaign

Travis Lloyd
Changing Lives Entertainment, LLC
Des Moines, IA
1 in 12 college students has created and written down a suicide plan. Suicide is the leading cause of death among college students aged 18-24.As an established clinician & speaker with proven results in mental health advocacy, my #STOP1in12 campaign will empower colleges and universities nationally.
The #STOP1in12 campaign is designed to empower colleges and universities in decreasing the rate of suicide amongst college aged students.

The campaign encompasses 3 avenues for community impact related to suicide awareness & prevention:
1. Speaking Engagements - on campus live events
2. Empowerment Resources - social media statistic images, inspirational/educational videos for social media awareness, fact sheets for distribution on college campuses, ect.
3. Educational Training Videos - for use in wide-spread distribution


*SPEAKING FEES - every college/university has allocated budgets for student engagement events such as during the nation-wide suicide prevention month of September

*PROGRAM LICENSING - educational materials will be developed and made available for sale to colleges/universities to implement campus-wide suicide prevention campaigns.

*BOOKS - emotional wellness and learning to deal with past traumatic experiences is key in prevention. my book Overcoming Emotional Trauma: Life Beyond Survival Mode will be marketed and sold in association with the #STOP1in12 campaign. http://www.overcomingemotionaltrauma.com

Public 4-year institutions.......629
Private 4-year institutions...1,845
Public 2-year institutions.....1,070
Private 2-year institutions......596

Total # of U.S. college/univ..4,080

**These educational institutions have an annual budget for student engagement & events specifically related to mental wellness & suicide prevention

***Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, IA has already booked the FIRST #STOP1in12 Suicide Prevention week event in September 2016.

**I am already self-employed as a keynote speaker and author in related markets inspiring and educating clinical professionals such as psychologists, therapists, social workers, and foster parents. My story is credible and viable.

**I personally have first-hand experience with friends and loved ones who have deeply struggled with suicidal thoughts; some even following through with the act. My guess is you have someone in your life who is struggling still today.

**Prior to seeking to inspire through speaking and authoring full time I spent nearly 15 years working as a Registered Nurse in mental health units, emergency departments, and community based crisis intervention with law enforcement. REAL STORIES = REAL HOPE.

Educational institutions work with speakers and educational materials every year. Simply Google search "Suicide Prevention Speakers" and you will see a long list of other presenters who speak on this topic.

Sometimes you'll find presenters who offer professional mental health experience and others offer personal experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts; rarely do you find both. That's my edge and that that edge has proven success thus far in my career within professional development events.
I am seeking these investment monies to fund the expenses related to the initial development and launching of the #STOP1in12 Suicide Prevention Campaign. The goal will be to establish a national tour consisting of a minimum of 30 events. These events will generate enough revenue to enable the campaign to be self-sustaining and continue to grow. Growth will include further development of books, videos, and other awareness media as well as expanded distribution.

The #STOP1in12 Suicide Prevention Campaign is a project of my company Changing Lives Entertainment, LLC which houses my work as an established speaker and author.

STEP 1 of 3

$500 - Produce a campaign awareness/educational video
$250 - Develop & design email capture freebies/empowerment stat sheets for gathering contact info on web page
$250 - Design quote images, posters, and related media for online and print promotion
$250 - Order first allotment of awareness giveaways for live events (bracelets, bookmarks)

STEP 2 of 3

$1,000 - 6 month social media campaign marketing/promotion
$500 - Labor for developing and disseminating press release in a minimum of the first 20 states via email
$1,000 - Labor for market research to identify & set up email marketing campaign directed specifically campus event coordinators in a minimum of the first 20 states

STEP 3 of 3
$750 - capture event footage & promote a specific awareness and promotional video based off of live event footage

Organize a complete resource list to make available on the web page for easy access to colleges and individuals. This includes an easy to understand step-by-step guide to helping others cope with and overcome suicidal thoughts.

Field incoming and follow-up calls/emails for booking #STOP1in12 events and continue to perform the tour starting September 2016.

Build partnerships and collaborations with national suicide prevention organizations (interviews, article writing, appearances, etc.)

Collaborate with local Iowa colleges and universities to create a team of college students who will serve the expansion of the campaign as an internship for small business development, marketing, advertising, etc.

Continuously promote getting the book Overcoming Emotional Trauma listed as a course-specific reading material in colleges the campaign works with.

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