Champion Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

Juli Morris
Cedar Falls, IA
My application will create a standard de facto for Self employed people; supporting them in making their interactions with others simple and less time consuming.
I am unique in that I am a hub. There are a few (very few) people who have looked at this Sector as a whole; Complementary and Alternative care focus on preventative, and non-invasive. This is a direction that will allow cost savings to the Healthcare sector as a whole.

My paying client will be the Practioner themselves; Their directory business listing will be free; Creating an ACTIVE Profile with be a nominal fee, and with each feature that they "turn on" as a part of that Profile will be an upcharge. Because the hub will be a low cost alternative it will be too hard to resist. I envision many people will drop their personal webpages and come on board.
I have invested a year and 1/2, and about $5000 of my own money thus far; I am committed to this project. I architected it, hired freelancers for things I did not know how to do, and it is built on a strong self sustaining structure; Users can search for Events; and Paying clients can list events for free - after marketing this feature, this will drive activity to the site, therefore affecting it's rating on Google search.
I currently have over 2500 people in the directory.

I would use the money to do 3 things:
* Make the site mobile
* Create the Active profile and features; Scheduling, invoicing, payment, and interface to social media.
* Start an Marketing campaign to raise awareness.

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