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Matt Getting
Roster Monster
Clive, IA
The Roster Monster is a comprehensive web-based system built for the fan and school to track, view, and analyze real-time stats of athletes in sporting events.
The Rostermonster tracks high school rosters, schedules, and statistics. Our competitive advantage is having interactive statistics, having a responsive design built for PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, and allowing fans to see the head to head competition week to week.

RosterMonster is absolutely free for schools and fans. The revenue will be based on ads on the website.

In the state of Iowa, we are the only website that shows head to head competition, shows visual and graphical statistics, and allows fans/schools to track their teams in their home or in the stands via their devices.
We are excited about this opportunity to showcase the The 'Dream Big, Grow Here' competition feels like a great fit for the Roster Monster to gain exposure and show what a tremendous service it is for schools and fans across the state of Iowa.

The money would be used for marketing and continuing to attract fans and schools to our site as well as a small chunk of development assistance.

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