Growing Up with Little Sports

Jed Eichhorn
Eichhorn Recreation, LLC
Marion, IA
Little Sports creates a win-win for families and care centers by offering recreation opportunities for 3-5 yr olds during the day. Children have the chance to learn about sports while preserving much needed family time in the evening.
Little Sports brings recreational opportunities to your children so families don't have to run around in the evening. We offer a variety of programs to keep it new for children every year. Families are inundated with extracurricular activities and more and more want to introduce their children to sports at a younger age. We save families mileage and the stress of coordinating schedules. The daycare wins as they can taught that they offer these extracurricular programs for families. Not every daycare has space to offer programs so it is unique.

Parents sign up individually for programs (basketball, tennis, soccer, football, or t-ball). Programs last between 4-10 sessions (days) with a cost of $7 per day per child. Each session (day) is 30 minutes in length. We keep a 1 to 6 coach to player ratio. Therefore having the possibility to make $84 in an hour if the programs fill to max.
I am applying for the Dream Big Grow Here contest because I am looking to further develop my business. I have been working with a local artist to help me come up with a characters and a logo for Little Sports. I am also in the process of writing a book for each program I offer explaining what the children will learn in the program. The money will be used to finalize these two key aspects of my business as well as help develop a Franchise Opportunity. I believe by making this a franchise, I can help the great young professionals in the Recreation Field that cannot find a job once out a college or when transitioning between jobs.

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