Culture Company will bring together individuals in the Midwest; young professionals, students.

Genesis Rivera
Culture Company
Sioux City, IA
Culture Company was created in order to connect, guide, and inspire Midwestern Communities. Bigger cities have a sense of their own culture which helps inspires individuals to do more, be better. With Culture Company, we will create creative opportunities and business opportunities for the future.
Culture Company is it's own industry of its kind. Including a blog filled with articles, highlights on volunteers and role models, and a taste of life in the Midwest. In the Midwest, there are limited industries that allow students and individuals to express themselves and be able to diversify their perspectives. The plan is to connect individuals around communities, inspire them through networking and events, create learning experiences, and provide resources to find information on guiding them for the future. We will make money through events, fundraisers, and merchandise. Our audience is made up of online viewers, students, locals who would pick up the magazine in local stores/restaurants, and guests staying in nearby hotels. The content of this blog will start on a website that will be updated daily. Then, after a period of time, the information is collected into a compilation highlighting the best content to push into a Magazine. Highlighting moments, role models, trends, and articles. This magazine will gain income from advertisements. Advertisements online and in print. The website will be our biggest resource, and the print will be the source for audiences to find information around them about what is good in local Midwestern cities. We will create different departments, including arts, photography, graphic design, PR, and finance. With time, we will gain professionals that can be leaders and then guide future students and interns. The brand will allow others to believe they can achieve anything and work for what they believe. The brand will also create a positive ambience & culture for the audience viewing material in print and online. Propaganda will come from live in-person events, community fundraisers, collaboration with businesses, sponsorships, and merchandise including clothing and brand stickers. We would like to help guide the youth of the future, create jobs, mentor students, and of course, give back to the community. As of now, this industry is scarce and Culture Company wants to be the monopoly providing resources, connecting people in the Midwestern area, and being an inspiration for the youth of tomorrow.
The reason we are applying, is to earn the Startup money needed. We will use this to start promoting more awareness and hosting community events. This includes collaborating with other businesses as well. We hosted a fashion show once to test things out, and this resulted in more than 100+ attendees, 3 hours of entertainment + inspiration, and a chance for individuals to live out their dream careers. Including photographers, models, DJs, PR, etc. There is definitely great potential. We will also use the money to provide a Mac Computer + Camera to keep the website live. It doesn't take much to run a website, but it will build our source of income where you can find merchandise, run advertisements on local businesses (based on your zip code), display interviews, and list information about events (in or around your area). Then, we will print a portable version of a magazine Issue to distribute around local businesses, restaurants, and hotels. The trend of this company has much potential to influence those currently living in the Midwest, and those visiting. We would like to inspire others to believe in their dreams and learn more about what they can do, and how to do it. The demand for merchandise and events have been a big thing since we first started demo-ing this project. Let's make this dream a true reality..

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