Bringing Back Back Home Country Cookin'

Brenda Landis
Back Home Country Cookin'
Strawberry Point, IA
In Nov. 2008 I moved Back Home to start my own Restaurant. Jan. 17th 2015 my dream was crushed by a fire. With no doubt in my mind I know I have to rebuild the dream, rise from the ashes and build bigger to support the volume of the growth we have experienced over the past seven years.
In 2008 we turned a small building into a 45 seat country style restaurant, where we served homemade meals and pies. As time went by we became well known throughout the area for quality food, good fast service with a reasonable price. As more time passed we became the place you must stop and visit, and don't leave without trying the pie! In the last seven years we have developed our own brand, one that people from all over the country have come to trust and love for a great place to meet and eat. We will continue to grow this brand. After the fire the response from the community made me realize just how much our little building meant to the people and the economic growth in this area. The plans to increase the seating to 140 seats will increase sales opportunities in the high volume summer months and give us other income possibilities in the winter months such as private parties to increase sales in the more difficult months.
After 30+ years as a restaurant manager in Florida I decided to build my own dreams back home with country style cooking (Back Home Country Cookin'), as this small rural area family restaurant became the popular place to meet and eat, with customers from all over the country, of all ages. I had only wished my building was bigger to serve the needs of its demands. So with the thought of adding a party room onto the building in the future. On Jan. 17th 2015 the building burnt down due to what was believed a furnace issue on the coldest night of the year. My dreams will not end here, I plan to rebuild with the needed space to continue to grow the business, as well as the community. These extra funds will assist Back Home Country Cookin' in building a better place for all, to have a great place to meet and eat....Back Home.

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