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Candi Cheville
Scrub N Style
Waverly, IA
Scrub N Style has one goal... to bring high quality scrubs to as many professionals from across the state of Iowa as possible. Our focus is not only large towns/cities but also the many rural towns across the state. Our customers comfort and satisfaction is our number one priority.
My name is Candi Cheville and I have been a Licensed Registered Nurse for 8 1/2 years. I learned very early on how difficult shopping for medical scrubs in rural Iowa is. Most stores that specialize in scrub sales are located near major area hospitals, I however worked at a Critical Access Hospital in Waverly, Iowa. There is no grey area in the dress code when working in the medical profession... Scrubs are mandatory. In a situation like mine I had 2 choices hop in the car for a road trip out of town hoping they had what I needed or turn to the Internet. I myself turned to the internet which brought on many challenges of its own, differences is size need brand to brand, fabric not being quite what I expected, and my favorite oh that isn't quite the right color for my department dress code. Now suddenly I am paying to ship items back... the items I had already paid to ship to me in the first place... only to start the whole process again. This in no way felt like real shopping experience this felt like a guessing game!

In the Fall of 2012 I began doing some very basic research and quickly learned I was not alone. In fact everyone I spoke to had very similar stories. Here we all are in a highly respected profession and yet we have such limited access to something as simple as the clothing we are expected to wear to do our jobs. Through this research I was amazed at the number of professions that have turned to the use of scrubs as well. No longer were we just looking at nurses and doctors in scrubs. The market need for Scrubs was on a level all its own. I felt it was time to bring to life a place that people could come and experience the many brands of scrubs there are out there without the hassle of trying to pick the right style, the right size, or trying to guess which color that fabric actually is through a computer screen. A place you would be able to actually try your scrubs on, get a feel for the fabric and how it moves with your body type, a place you could bring to life your own style through your choices and you would be able to leave with your purchase in hand, a place you could go that if you didn't see exactly what you wanted they would handle the ordering process for you. A place you could go knowing the owner had your interest in mind... a person that knew firsthand the struggle you had faced with past shopping experiences.... because she too had had them.

On June 24th, 2013 Scrub N Style opened in Waverly, Iowa... a rapidly growing community full of people that pride themselves on keeping the "Small Town" feel alive. As a member of this community for the past 20 years I too wanted to be a part of that growth. I wanted to create that same small town feel within my store, I wanted you to walk into my store and know you weren't just a customer. I feel I have done just that. I have built real connections over the years with my customers... I know most all of their names, I know where they work, and I know where they travel from to shop within the doors of Scrub N Style. I listen to their feedback and strive consistently to meet their requests and make sure they know this is a place they can go that is truly all about them. This is an experience you would never find in the large chain stores or through a random online search.

We do not simply sell scrubs here at Scrub N Style. We also have a wide range of accessories not to mention a selection of other fun gift ideas. You Name It... most often we can find it. We are currently in talks with a major shoe line of which is yet another product that will help to meet the needs of our many customers. A one stop shop where quality, variety, and style are all equally present.

At this time we use 3 primary modes of doing business as listed below.
● Walk-Ins: These are customers that travel to our store front location in search of just the right scrubs to meet their needs.
● Facility Accounts: We currently have accounts with local businesses including: dental offices, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes, and even the local spa. Within these accounts we are asked to put their entire staff in our products.
● Mobile Store: We travel to a facility every 4-6 months. We literally load our entire inventory onto a truck, travel to our destination, and set up our mobile store at their facility for the day. This one day event generates an average month worth of sales... if not more. Our goal is to have a minimum of 4 facilities we visit once every 3 months. Recently we have added smaller scale facility sales as well. We travel to the facility at a requested time and their entire staff has the opportunity to try scrubs on and place an order of their own. Also we have added in home sales. The host invites friends and coworkers to their home for their very own personal shopping experience.

As mentioned before the market need for scrubs is on a level of its own. I am often asked "How have you made a successful business out of a store that the majority of your sales is one major product?" I do not doubt you yourselves wonder the same thing... but let me tell you... no longer do you only see Nurses and Doctors wearing scrubs. I truly believe the scrub market is one of the most under estimated markets out there. There is a greater number of professions turning to their use and this list continues to grow.

At Scrub N Style we have a very strong customer base there are many local customers along with a number of them that travel from surrounding counties. Beyond the "locals" that shop our store front it is not out of the ordinary to have visits from communities within a 40mile radius. These areas are densely populated with places of employment filled with staff in need of our products. When you expand out to the 60mile radius point there is a significant jump in the number of these places of employment. We have had visits from even beyond this point, they may have been simply passing through town... but you better believe there next trip through they stop again. The distances that my customers are willing to drive just to shop to me is a pretty good indicator that our area of the state is not the only area feeling the effects of having limited scrub stores throughout the state.

The locations throughout Iowa where Scrub Stores can be found are pretty spread out. There are only 11 counties in Iowa with a scrub store location. Most of these counties have only 1 store throughout the entire county with the exception of a select few and most are located near major area Hospitals in the state. We are talking about a rapidly growing market with not near the growth of store locations to meet that demand.

I carry a greater number of brands in stock than the other stores located within miles of Scrub N Style. In fact I am the only location that carries 10 in stock scrub brands in the area. Most of my brands are exclusively found at Scrub N Style. In addition to our available in stock brands we also have number of other scrub lines I have access to special order for my customers, and we also have access to a Spa Wear and Chef Line. I feel not only does that draw customers in but my personal knowledge of the products I sell does as well. My customers know that if there is any way I can get a product to them... I will!

This journey started as a dream... I am ready to go bigger! After nearly a year and a half in business I felt it was time I was present at my business full time... it was then that I left my position at the local hospital. Up until that time my family had helped out at the store whenever I unavailable... while I continued to handle the "business" side of things. Many would call this a gamble... Not me! I believe in Scrub N Style and all it is... not to mention what I know it will be!

Now after over 2 1/2 year of business I am where I am as a result of all of my dedication and hard work. I am the person who opens my store each and every day and I am the one who closes each and every night. I handle all matters within my business... the daily duties at the store... the financial aspect... the ordering of products... pretty much anything that needs to be done is done by myself. It is time to build beyond that point.
Overall my goal is to bring the true shopping experience to the greatest number of professionals as possible, much like the countless number of professions that have always been able to receive just that. Let's think about this for a minute, how many of you have been to a doctor this week, to a vet clinic, had your eyes checked, had your teeth cleaned this week alone? This list can go on and on... but at the end of the day these facilities are filled with staff that are expected (not recommended) to wear a set uniform... Scrubs. A majority of these professionals have been limited their entire careers to computer screens that have lead them into the great unknown within the world wide web... until now.

The following is a list of our primary focus in terms of the use of funds from the "Dream Big Grow Here". These additions would happen simultaneously.

1. First and foremost we would increase our on hand inventory. We would need to build up stock to be prepared for the launching of online sales as well as the additional facility accounts and mobile store locations while keeping up with added demand of our walk-ins. We are currently working on bringing in the addition of a major shoe line and funding would allow us to bring it that in on a much broader spectrum. Also we would be able to expand our "accessory and gift" section immediately. With this added inventory we would be able to keep up with the large scale demand.

2. We would launch the official high quality Scrub N Style website of which would include online sales of products. As mentioned before, this website would let my customers know all about Scrub N Style and all that it has to offer. It would let them see
the store inside and out. It would let them know my story and how Scrub N Style came to be. It would create additional connections between myself and my customers. In addition we would be able to launch the e-commerce side of things. Offering online
sales of which will remove the hassle and cost of travel for our customers that travel great distances to shop within our doors. Our local customers would also benefit being many of them have very busy schedules and the store hours are not always within their free
time... I will be offering in store pick up as a shipping option as well. This option would also allow them to approve a guest of their choice to pick their items up in store for added convenience. This is just one more way I would be able to meet the needs of ALL

3. We would invest a greater amount of funds to a solid marketing plan and increase advertising in surrounding communities. This would allow us to reach our prospect customers on a much larger scale and a much faster rate.

With these changes in place we will see an increase in our customer base and facility accounts... in turn we will see a substantial growth in annual sales. With the projected increase in sales we will be able to add 1-2 Scrub N Style employees in the 1st year. I plan to continue building Scrub N Style until high quality scrubs are readily available in all areas of Iowa... not just larger towns/cities but also the number of rural communities across the state. With the "Dream Big Grow Here" Grant I will be just that must closer to my dream.

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