John Gray
Cedar Falls, IA
- Hey my name is John Gray and I am a senior movement exercise science major at Northern Iowa! I want to create a motivational alarm clock to bridge the gap for, high school and college aged, athletes looking for extrinsic motivation and their professional idols. Join the #Rise&GrindMovement today!
- What makes Rise&Grind so unique?
- - This will be the first alarm clock based app that will bring audio recordings (and instant video blogs in the future) from professional athletes, motivational speakers, and spiritual leaders straight to your cell phone to wake you up in the morning or throughout the day!
- -Also, this alarm clock will have built in features to hold the user accountable by:
- - Not allowing the user to hit snooze before audio recording is finished
- - User is allowed to set alarm clock as their own voice or a mutual friends voice sharing a motivational audio recording
- - To shut down the alarm completely you must enter a keyword of the day or personal motivational phrase

- Rise&Grind is currently seeking guidance out for the most beneficial way of creating the most revenue stream. Some potential ways we can create a revenue is a monthly subscription of x amount of dollars, a one time fee of x amount of dollars, or a yearly subscription. Another potential idea is buy and sell each individual audio and create a music sharing application for alarm clock ringtones. Along with creating the potential for speakers to have monthly subscribers paying x amount of dollars per month. I say x amount of dollars because I am still doing more market research for the most efficient way the user is currently paying for applications on their phones already.

- Rise&Grind's mission is to define the grind by some of the best athletes in this world, motivational speakers, and spiritual leaders from all backgrounds in this world. This mobile application will not only help motivate you through audio recordings from famous people but also focusing on personal long,short, and daily goals. The market for this product is already gaining a lot of traction of people of influence like: UNI Alumni and starting running back for the Arizona Cardinals- David Johnson, Hope City Church Pastor Q, local entrepreneur Tim Bohr who has business team of XXX and high rank leaders within their business who have teams of XXXX as well who are willing to test this product. I will be sitting down to meet with David Johnson is hopes of making him the face of the company and use his connections along with LJ Fort's connections who plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers also a UNI Alumni. Also the number of people who are athletes from middle school aged through college in America alone is an astonishing number. This app has the potential to bridge the gap between professional athletes and motivational speakers with kids in foreign markets as well.
I am applying for the Dream Big, Grow Here competition because in order to take the next step once I wrap up prototype audios from professional athletes and Pastor Q as well as prototype user feedback. I need money to get a developed version of the ios (and Samsung in the future) version to continue user testing.

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