Bernabe Menoza
UAV OPTIX Aerial Imaging, LLC
Sioux city, IA
Names Bernabe Mendoza from Sioux City, Iowa. I love being outdoors, spending all the time I can with my son, and geeking out with new tech. I love being creative and helping others with new ideas.
Uav Optix Aerial Imaging, LLC is a unique business because we specialize in piloting drones and providing aerial imaging for numerous reasons. Clients reach out to us asking for aerial footage of events, Parcels for land that is for sale. We help with capturing aerial photos/videos for realtors so they can provide their clients with beautiful landscapes on homes they may purchase. We also would like to reach out to investors investing in building new facilities and buildings as we can provide progressions photos/videos. These are a few ways we make money by providing aerial services for our clients.

We hope to expand our services by offering training courses for new pilots who have just purchased a drone or thinking about purchasing a drone. We also would like to educate the youth about drone safety and laws. Drones are on the rise and it's important to bring awareness and we wanna do that for Siouxland. As the technology advances for drones so will we. We focus on what drones are capable of and the technologies they bring to better other industries.

UAV OPTIX Aerial Imaging, LLC wants to help those who are trying to get into the industry whether they wanna race, or check their crops or maybe train someone who just purchased a drone.

The drone industry is growing and we wanna make sure our airspace is safe especially for our local hospitals and airports. We are pioneers in Siouxland and wanna guide those who wanna learn and at the same time grow the Industry.
Our market size has no limit as the technology continues to improve. There are drones flying our cornfields collecting data, drones inspecting cell towers, drones that are used for competitive racing, and drones used for capturing videos and beautiful pictures from new perspectives.
There are two reasons why I am applying. I wanna grow my business and use this opportunity to bring awareness to a new and growing industry. I want my business to be the leading example for Siouxland when it comes to drones and hopefully educates others on safety and laws. The second reason is to help my friend Tony Lukken fly a drone. Tony suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and the only way to get him to fly is to buy a headset that would allow Tony to control a drone with his thoughts. We wanna help and train others to fly no matter the situation.

If we were to win third place prize we would use the funds to buy a headset (Emotiv) that would allow my friend Tony fly drones with his thoughts. We really wanna help others fly and Tony has been a fan of ours since we launched. We would love to see him fly with us and teach others that anyone can if you put your mind to it.

Second place winnings we would invest In the Emotiv Headset, VHF handheld transceivers to listen for manned pilots flying over Siouxland. Invest in a drone for others to train and practice on.

First place winning we would use the funds to get the Emotiv headset, put a downpayment on a 6×10 utility trailer to build a mobile command center to house our drones, safety equipment, charging station, repair station, documents and a desktop to edit and keep track of data needed for clients. We would also like to add a display attached to the exterior for events and training purposes. We would love to show other live views from the drones. We believe this mobile command center would help expand our services to train new drone operators and also teach and bring better awareness to the industry.

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