Carroll Street Treats

Meredith Vander Zee
Carroll Street Treats
Rock Rapids, IA
The mission of Carroll Street Treats is to spread joy through ice cream sandwiches. With a menu of 5 flavors of homemade cookies stuffed with ice cream, we have celebrated with many in the sweetest spots of life. Made with love on Carroll Street, we enjoy offering a delightful experience and treat.
Carroll Street Treats offers a unique spin on a sweet treat in a small town community setting. Managed and produced by siblings with entrepreneurial spirits, this venture is teaching them the value of hard work, teamwork, financial responsibility, business management, servant-hood and stewardship. 10% of all proceeds are donated back to the community. To date, they have initiated and funded 5 "pay it forward" donations to those in need. Reece, age 12, is the Chief Cooking Officer and has cooked over 9,000 cookies. He also oversees inventory, helps in all aspects of packaging and selling and manages the financial tracking of revenue, expenses, payroll and stewardship. Liam, age 10, is the Customer Relations Manager and prides himself on marketing and selling. He also helps with all aspects of production and writes thank you notes to customers to show appreciation. Ayda, age 8, is the Master Wrapper, perfecting the tight seal that keeps the treats fresh. She also assists in baking cookies and enjoys selling. Blake, age 6, is the Freezer Manager, making sure all treats are stored properly and organized. He also helps put the CST logo stickers on each treat. Nora, age 2, is the Sticker Sister and official cookie watcher. She occasionally helps put the CST logo stickers on and prides herself on being the master taste tester. The treats are currently sold at $2.00 a piece, but an increase in price to match demand is in the future. In terms of competition, we've learned that people enjoy the perfect softness of our custom homemade cookie recipes with the right freeze of store bought ice cream. There is not another product or business model like Carroll Street Treats around our area, which consists of a rural community of roughly 2,600 people. A long term goal would be to package and ship our product, as we've had requests to do so. Furthermore, by getting health code certified to sell retail and wholesale, there is great potential in our market. The current business model is a seasonal one, but could potentially grow if we tap into shipping and wholesale options.
What started as a fun activity for the kids a few years ago has grown into a high demand product and service in our community. We are working in conjunction with a health inspector to grow and develop our mission. In doing so, we are in the market for building or buying a small food unit that is equipped with a commercial, up to code kitchen and serving space. Based on research, we are looking at needing to invest approximately $9,000 into an ideal commercial kitchen and storefront. We are lucky to have been offered a location to use in Rock Rapids once we are able to invest in the "treat cabin." A "Dream Big Grow Here" grant would be a wonderful opportunity to fund an expansion of our vision; providing a homemade treat with a small town spin that brings joy to the consumer. Through the risks and successes of entrepreneurship, the kids are learning to be confident, courageous and brave. Thanks for considering Carroll Street Treats for the "Dream Big Grow Here" grant.

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