Creative Edge needs a building or a space!

Leann Kruger
Creative Edge
Rock Rapids, IA
Creative Edge has been around for 3+ years outsourcing work to complete jobs. This year I took a leap and purchased large format printing and plotting/cutting equipment. Working out of the basement of our house has its challenges and the next step is securing a building or a space to operate out of.
I have been operating Creative Edge "softly" for 3+ years. I attended Iowa State University for graphic design. In the 15 years since college I've held many different positions in the field of design. This has led me to my passion in this area. Instead of trying to find a position that fits me, I've decided to push the side business and create things I am the most interested in. You know you've found your calling when it doesn't feel like work.

What sets me apart from other "sign makers" or "T-shirt shops" is that I learned and developed design skills first and foremost. Then learned production practices from my employments. Now I set up and run all the equipment and machines.

I create outdoor and indoor signs using cut and printed vinyl. Vehicle Decals and window graphics. I can create and print banners and canvas prints. I design logos, fliers, business cards, invitation etc. I also use re-purposed items to create one of a kind items that sell great at vendor/craft shows.

I've taken my time to learn how to do it the correct way. Now I need a place to operate and a place where people can walk in and talk to me and see what I offer.
I am applying for this grant so I can secure a building or a space to operate and have a store front.

A place for people to walk in, talk to me, purchase pre made items, and order custom products.

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