Insulights, innovates the livestock containment industry for farmers and ranchers.

Bill Brown
Akron, IA
Insulights are the affordable, agricultural, electric fence insulator that assists livestock and orchard managers to protect and manage their electric fences. Insulights are the only blue colored insulator that is equipped with a flashing LED light that warns farmers and ranchers of their damaged e
• Insulights will be directly marketing to the owners and managers of a livestock, including the industries of cattle, horses, sheep, and goats. These entities all utilize electric fencing for animal containment and the expansion of their grazing acres that do not have permanent fencing.

• Insulights believe that there is great opportunity in the orchard and fruit tree industry that experience great losses due to damage incurred from migrating deer. We will have a direct marketing campaign directed at the orchard industry.

• The lawn and garden industry is a market that has turned to electric fencing to prevent deer, raccoons and rabbits form damaging garden crops and landscaping. We believe our Insulights and our red flashing lights can assist in deterring these night animals from forging on these plants.
Finally, we understand that this product will thrive in the retail market. Retail stores that focus on market segments including farm and ranch, lawn and garden and arbor supplies will be a major focus.
We are big supporter of the "NW Iowa Dream Big Grow Here". We have participated in the past and have experienced that if we are fortunate to win money to help pay for our design and tooling expenses but the opportunity for business exposure is even greater.

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