Expanding Wellness in Akron, Iowa

Tambrey & David Groves
Twin Flames Massage & Wellness Centre
Akron, IA
Twin Flames became the dream of Tambrey & David after a life changing health event that David experienced. We both returned to massage therapy school, and now spend our time helping others begin to feel better & live less stressful lives. We are now ready to expand on what we offer to our clients.
Twin Flames Massage & Wellness Centre offers not only massage therapy and bodywork in various modalities, we also offer therapeutic treatments such as hot rock, cold rocks, cupping and are always attending continuing educational classes to expand on what we can do for our clients. We also are working on bringing various classes to our community, including Tai Chi, Terrafit and Yoga.

We are the only massage & wellness centre within approximately a 30 mile radius of Akron, IA, and are a central "hub" for many smaller communities, and some larger cities, making us easy to get to from any direction.
In our first year, with just 1 therapist, as David was attending advanced classes, we have managed to build a steady client base of close to 200, with approximately 40% of those clients coming to Akron from out of town, and many repeats on a monthly basis, which means we are bringing people to our community!

Within our community of Akron-Westfield, and those immediately around us in Iowa and South Dakota, we have a population of approximately 37,000, not including Sioux City.
Within these surrounding communities, there are maybe a dozen or so practicing massage therapists, most out of their homes or small storefront, with many more in Sioux City, which is why I am excluding them from our numbers.

So while our competition can be quite daunting when looking at the overall picture, not too many places will be offering all we plan to grow and develop within Twin Flames!
We have been in business a little over a year now, and everything that we have done so far has been self-invested, no loans, no grants. This means we have grown slowly! Our clients love our services, but we want to give them so much more!

With our winning funds, we would be able to add our second therapist, and with his additional training, will have more ways to offer to help clients.
We will also be able to do needed work to the second wing and add a sauna or two for our clients to relax in private rooms. The money brought into the business from the sauna fees will go towards adding a float tank within another year.

The attached video shows our current rooms, as well as our future goals with the sauna(s) and float tank, but in order to achieve dreams, you must think in the present!

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