Fetching the Dream

Ashley Van Sloten
Dutch Dogs LLC
Orange City, IA
I am 19 years old & excited to start a new, much-needed business in my hometown. I plan to provide the best boarding, daycare & grooming services for area pets during their stay at their home-away-from-home. I'm applying for the Dream Big, Grow Here contest to give them a fun, safe outdoor play area
Set to open in Spring 2019, Dutch Dogs will be the first boarding, doggy daycare and grooming business in Orange City. The nearest facility that offers all these services is 25 minutes away. Dutch Dogs will provide boarding for dogs & cats, indoor and outdoor daycare for dogs, full grooming services and also some retail space for doggy parents to purchase all the fun extras for their pooches. There are grooming businesses in neighboring towns, but none of them can keep up with all the business in the area. We will be in the perfect central location to provide our services to people from many towns North, East, West & South of Orange City.

My main mission is to provide my customers' pets with a fun & safe environment. It's my goal to care for the individual needs of each pet and make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Vision statement: We want our kennels to be full & the doggy daycare to be thriving. We want to satisfy our customers' needs by promoting a fun & caring setting for their beloved pets to enjoy while they are away. Customers can be better served when they have a trusted provider who knows them and their pet well, provides reliable care & can serve their pets' full range of needs. We want people in the Orange City area to know that our employees will take care of their pets like they're our own!

Core Beliefs:
INTEGRITY - Exhibit honest, ethical behavior & show love/compassion to all pets, as well as respect for their families' wishes.
COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE - Strive to the best at what we do.
HARD WORK - Hire dedicated employees who want the best for the pets and our business.
EXTRAORDINARY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Provide a fun, comfortable home-away-from-home for the pets.

The pet industry has exploded in the last few years and everywhere you go, people have their dogs with them. I hope to capitalize on their love for their fur babies by giving the pooch the best home-away-from-home experience possible. I will love them like my own!

I am currently getting the finishing touches done on my logo. Once that is complete, I will be setting up my social media platforms so we can start spreading the word about Dutch Dogs!!
At Dutch Dogs. I will be providing boarding, doggy daycare & grooming services. There are so many necessities to buy for the business that there isn't enough money in the budget for everything I need. Fresh air is as good for our pets as it is for us and they so enjoy playing outside, so if I win the money, I plan to use the funds to buy a high-quality fence and/or playground equipment for the outdoor play area. That way I can insure a safe and fun outdoor area for the dogs to run & play.

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