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Gabby Weber
Golden Brew Coffee Company
Golden Brew (named after our golden retriever puppy) is a mobile coffee house located in the Siouxland area. We strive to source our products locally with only the highest quality and freshest ingredients. The remodeled, 1968 Vintage Forester Camper gives a funky and unique feel to your morning brew
The idea for Golden Brew started with a strong passion for a good cup of coffee. The steamy, black liquid got myself through four years at the University of Northern Iowa and now continues to keep me functioning from day to day. The first cup is usually enough to wake me from my slumber, the second kick starts my day and the third, fourth and fifth are just because I like the taste. All five are usually consumed before 12pm, with the occasional afternoon cup. My copious amounts of coffee consumed on a daily basis can be attributed to my current job. I work for a small coffee roasting company so it’s nearly impossible to run out of coffee. Scott, my partner in crime in this venture also has his hand in the coffee business by roasting beans for the same coffee roaster.

Jumpy Monkey Coffee, a small roaster out of Iowa has both a premium product and compassionate mission. It partners with a local nonprofit to provide meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. These individuals are crucial to the day to day operational success and assist with all aspects of the coffee making process including grinding, packaging, sales, marketing and distribution of the coffee. In addition to serving this noble cause, they also strive to provide the highest quality coffee to their customers. This is accomplished by roasting only premium, 100% Arabica Coffee Beans. As the Sales and Marketing Manager at Jumpy Monkey Coffee, my love (and need) for coffee has only grown stronger.

Golden Brew Coffee Co. will be based in the city of Sergeant Bluff, IA. A town of about 4,500 people, Sergeant Bluff is continually expanding. With new restaurants opening and housing developments being built it is evident the community is growing. Besides the increasing population and new businesses, there are also current businesses in the Sergeant Bluff area that would benefit from a coffee shop. While the town is flourishing, there is one thing it is missing; a coffee shop. The need for its community members to have a place they can buy coffee and other gourmet beverages is evident.

The Siouxland area comprised of Sioux City, Sergeant Bluff, North Sioux City (South Dakota), South Sioux City (Nebraska) and Dakota Dunes (South Dakota) has a handful of wonderful coffee shops scattered throughout the communities. However, there is currently not one located in the city of Sergeant Bluff which leaves a big opportunity for us. Working in the coffee industry, we’ve constantly heard Sergeant Bluff community members making comments about how this town is in need of a place to get a cup of specialty coffee.

While a stationery coffee shop is not our intent, a mobile coffee house is. This gives us the ability to consistently provide our product to the local community members while also sharing our coffee and strong mission we support with more than just the people in our area. Customers will be able to walk up to the window and conveniently grab their coffee to go on the way to work. There will also be tables and chairs available (weather permitting) for people to sit and socialize while having their coffee. This will be a great addition to the small community of Sergeant Bluff, Iowa.

We currently are in the process of restoring a 1968 Forester Camper to give the coffee house a fun and unique style. Our mobile coffee house will be complete with wood floors, white paneled walls and butcher block counter tops, these high end finishes will go right along with the high quality product and exemplary service. It is quite the challenging endeavor but will provide so much reward knowing that we put countless time and energy into our space.

Golden Brew will exclusively serve Jumpy Monkey Coffee. It is our sole intent to continue to support the company and mission that sparked the idea for our current venture. We want to be able to support the company in continuing to provide employment for individuals in the Sioux City area as well as across the country. We believe in trying to keep business as local as possible and supporting others within the community.
Winning the Dream Big Grow Here competition would help us open our doors (or in this case, window). Golden Brew Coffee Co. is currently still in the works. Once we started gutting the trailer, we realized the renovation was going to be a lot more extensive than we had originally anticipated. The physical labor, hours of construction and necessary amount of money to renovate our camper has surmounted our initial expectations, but receiving this money would help make this dream a reality. We have had our setbacks and we were hoping to be open a lot sooner than our current resources are going to allow.

We initially hope to start off with a simple menu consisting of hot, cold and iced beverages. Eventually, when we build a positive reputation in the community and our sales increase, we would like to invest in more equipment to be able to offer an even wider variety of menu items including blended drinks such as Frappuccinos and fresh fruit smoothies, baked pastries and muffins and grab-and-go meals. At Golden Brew, we hope to keep practices as sustainable as possible using recycled cups, composting our coffee grounds and limiting paper usage. We would also like to be able to add solar panels to our trailer in the future to make it more Eco-friendly. Receiving the $5,000 would allow us sufficient funds to kick start this mobile coffee house and expand our services to offer more menu choices using more equipment and ingredients.

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