Grooving In Iowa!

Tambrey & David Groves
Twin Flames Massage & Wellness Centre
Akron, IA
Twin Flames Massage & Wellness Centre is continually adding new ways to help keep our clients healthy fit and active, in mind and body. This year, our goal is to expand our activities by offering Body Groove, a new fun way to get moving that is tailored for every body!
Twin Flames is going into our 3rd year of serving our community with massage & bodywork and yoga. We are the only place like this within an approximate 25 mile range, and serve many people within the community of Akron, but also bring about 40% of our clients from outside of Akron, which means more people shopping in Akron!
Our next big venture is to bring Body Groove to Akron! This is a unique, internationally facilitated licensed dance workout program that any BODY can do, regardless of fitness level, size, age or physical limitations! It is all about MOVING! We want to help the people of our community get active and stay healthy!
We have heard from our community that they want Zumba, which is difficult to bring to a small community, and it is not something everyone can do. We offer yoga, but again, not everyone feels they can get on the floor or into poses.
Body Groove is IT! The perfect activity for all levels of fitness and ages! But we need to get trained, certified and licensed to offer it...
The next chance to travel to receive training is in January 2019 in Orlando, Florida...
With the travel to Orlando, we would train to facilitate classes, and bring that approved licensed activity back to NW Iowa! This is a 3.5 day workshop, covering all aspects of being a licensed facilitated training location for Body Groove, for adults and kids ages 4 and 104!
The funds would be used for 2 people to travel January 18 (travel and half day workshop) through January 22 (travel home) and would include $750 for the training, approximately $800 for airline tickets, $400 for hotel, and $250 for ground travel and meals for a total of $2200.
With this training, we have the potential to bring in an additional $1200/month in revenue for our business, but more important, invest in our community health and wellness by helping them get motivated to get moving!
The other $2800 in grant money would be used to go towards installing a more comfortable floor that is less wear and tear on ankles and knees. Right now, we have tile over concrete, and that hurts and is cold in winter! Laminate, hardwood or cork floor would look beautiful and give comfort to those who will be utilizing it! With a room that is approx 36x36, we are looking at 1300 ft2, and nice looking flooring can be purchased for as little as $1.99 ft2, we could get most of the flooring with the remainder of grant money, adding the balance of our own to make up that difference.
We look forward to offering this new way of getting moving and getting fit to our community!

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