Let Joy Be Your Currency

Josh Cobbs
Joyency LLC
Sioux City, IA
We love ‘Merica, freedom and tailgating, so hug the red, white, and blue - go outside and roll some bones or toss some bags. Our vision is to build a great company around well crafted products and provide work experience for people with varying needs, like our son with autism
At the heart of our startup company are great handcrafted products with purpose. We understand that there are many choices for purchasing tailgating games. So, what makes us different? We want to build a company that offers work experience to those who are underemployed with varying needs. Like our son with autism, he helps packing orders as he can, gaining powerful skills. It is our hope that we can continue to find opportunities that he enjoys and can be successful to gain independence. We want to sell products that deposit joy into the world and have plans to continue to expand product lines as we grow.

Our Mission
Empowering people through coaching, activity, and recreation.

We believe that all people have purpose. That if we have the courage to live, work, and love boldly our company can impact the world in a remarkable way.
As a newer company, we would like to add rocket fuel to our engine to help accelerate growth! General areas that we would use an injection of funding are: expansion of equipment, space adjustments and expansion, material purchasing and marketing. Lastly, we want to continue to connect with people who want to see companies grow and flourish in Iowa!

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