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Shay Van Schepen
Shaybe's Boutique
Rock Valley, IA
I am Shay Van Schepen and I own a small town boutique called Shaybe's Boutique that offers women's clothing including accessories such as jewelry, hats, and scarves as well as maternity clothing. I am currently based out of the basement of my home in Rock Valley, Iowa & I hope to expand my business
Shaybe’s Boutique opened up to the public in July 2017 via, vendor fairs, open houses, and on Facebook. I am proud to offer clothing to women of all ages and clothing sizes from small to 3x to appeal to a wide variety of potential customers as well as offering accessories from jewelry, scarves, and hats. I recently added maternity clothing to provide a service that is not offered in our community and allowing me to be unique in offering something that is not offered by other boutiques in our area. I hope in the future to be able to offer children’s clothing and shoes as an option but I don’t have the space to broaden those horizons yet.
There are other boutiques in my area. There is one in three of the neighboring towns. My biggest competition is a large boutique located in ten mile away. She has a small advantage over me as she has been open for two years longer. She just recently opened her own brick and mortar building. There are two local boutiques that I work very well with as we all are working together to help each other succeed. The best part is that we all offer different items so we do not have to be worried about one boutique being in the lime light more than the others. The next closest shopping venues are located one to one and half hours away in either direction. Having a local boutique business allows customers to shop closer to home.
Boutique business are a growing business at this time but I work hard to keep my prices reasonable. I do this as I to live on a budget and I want to be able to offer my customers clothing on a budget friendly income. I do not think you should have to over pay to feel and look good.
This grant would benefit my business by allowing me to purchase a building for my boutique outside my home. Currently I am located in the basement of my house but it does not draw the public in to shop. By obtain a building for my boutique I could attract more potential new customers and as well as make the existing customers more comfortable. To obtain revenue for my business I attend vendor fairs, hold open houses in my home, post items and promotions on social media, use fliers and word of mouth.
I have been working with a contractor, realtor, bank manager, and financial advisor to obtain my best options for purchasing the building. I research into everything before I leap and I have not made that leap yet. I do have a potential prime location building that is available to purchase.
If for any reason I am not able to obtain the building but did obtain the grant I would put the money towards a trailer to transport my clothing and vendor fair items as well as increase the inventory that I have. I would offer the children's clothing and shoes like I hope to in the future.

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