Small Town Life, Big City Dreams

Jodi Krikke
JAK Sprat
Sanborn, IA
JAK Sprat is an earring company, using earrings as a tool to inspire women and young girls to be bold, be “”, be themselves and live confidently in who they are. It is located in the small town of Sanborn, IA. Through Facebook, JAK Sprat has grown into something much bigger.
Staying in my lane. In today’s world it’s so easy to get distracted by what others are doing. The competition, other entrepreneurs, other businesses… but I really try to focus on staying in my lane. I do me. I don’t mimic anyone else, I don’t conform to the small town standards we’re sometimes pressured to stay under, I just do what I want. Not in a conceded, arrogant manner, but I do what makes me happy and I make earrings I would wear myself. I’ve found that my customers seem to respond well to this and I think they feel as though they're getting someone genuine on the other end.

Currently, a majority of my profits come from earring sales. A membership site is also in the works, where myself and a close friend who also sells earrings, will teach others how to make earrings. We know the world is too big for us think we can corner the whole market, so we want to teach others how to make earrings for themselves, for gifts or even for a side hustle! We want to spread the earring love!

In today’s world, competition is everywhere. The internet has opened up doors for everyone and anyone to intrude on your "territory". And that’s why staying in my lane is so important. Regularly showing up for my customers in a real, genuine manner on Facebook has been key. Letting them know who I am has really allowed me to connect with them- even if they’re thousands of miles away. The internet is such an amazing tool to have literally at our fingertips! The market-size is really infinite in my industry. That's why finding my niche is so important.
I have outgrown my house that I'm currently in. And while I do have a new shop going up, it does not have any plans for a storage or shipping station. I currently store all my earrings in totes which are organized by price. And while it works for now, it will not work once I have my website up and running. So I would use the money to invest in a new storage system for both unused earring materials as well as completed products. I would also invest in a more efficient shipping system as we currently hand-write all of the addresses on the envelopes. I would also like to see my website up and running with product to purchase so I would any remaining funds for that as well.

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