Gnarly Pepper's dream is to provide healthier alternatives across the U.S.!

Sara Gotch
Gnarly Pepper
Sioux City, IA
Gnarly Pepper is a custom spice blend company that pairs products with plain Greek yogurt creating the healthier, savory alternative to traditional dips and condiments. In doing so, Gnarly Pepper's products allow you to indulge and free your guilt at the exact same time.
Teaming up with one of the leading dairy products; plain Greek yogurt, we are able to help increase their sales, all while attaching ourselves to their success, allowing us to grow exponentially. There is no limit to the blends and flavors that we create. Our revenue stems from wholesale through various grocery stores and specialty shops, also with ecommerce; through our website,, eBay and Amazon. Sure there are other spice blends out there, we understand we didn't reinvent the wheel, but in following our mission of providing you with a healthier alternative without sacrificing flavor; we do just that in beating our competition out in calling solely on the plain Greek yogurt as your base.
Spreading the word, (pun intended)! Gnarly Pepper’s vision is to grow. In applying for this gift of money, it would 100% be put towards the benefit of the customer; whether it be for new blends or becoming more available to an entire chain of grocery shoppers. Having a healthier alternative available to purchase, sample and see could create an even greater trend in America; promoting health. We want to reach the masses, and in doing so these days isn’t plausible with just a single phone call — it’s followers, scale and…money.

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