A & J Custom Chopping: A Future Suited To Your Needs.

Abram Karels
A & J Custom Chopping
Ionia, IA
We own and operate a chopping business that offers young farmer clients an opportunity to provide labor or equipment. The goal is to make chopping affordable for them and profitable for us.
A&J Custom Chopping is unique because we don't arrive at a farm, perform a service and send a bill. Instead, we offer farmers a sliding price scale based on what they can contribute to the chopping job - labor or equipment.
When we purchased our equipment, we intended to produce feed and save costs and time for ourselves. We noticed other young farmers experiencing the same problems that we had experienced: expensive poor quality feed due to an inability to get custom chopping work completed in a timely manner for optimal feed value. Our cost friendly solution is to offer the young farmer a chance to participate in the chopping process by providing labor or equipment. This gives the young farmer a chance to lower his chopping costs and get quality feed. This is a win/win situation because we earn our income by operating the chopper and wagon, and the farmer saves money by providing labor or equipment.
There are two larger custom choppers in the area. These custom choppers may help out a smaller farmer when convient for them. This often results in feed that is not chopped at optimal feed value, no chance for the young farmer to help in the process, and at high cost. Our operation has the potential to help a lot of young farmers.
Jon Seible and myself (Abram Karels) own a 5460 John Deere chopper and three Miller Pro 4100 chopper boxes. Jon usually hauls the loads, and I run the chopper. We are capable of doing either job, so we can switch roles at any time. Jon's area of expertice is equipment maintenance, welding (Associates Degree) and plant agronomy (Associates Degree). I am better at the financial management aspect, having an Associates Degree in Ag Production Management. We both work off-the-farm jobs. Our place of employment allows us time off as needed. We work well together and are safety conscious.

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