Pine Hill Farm

Cassandra Kubik
Pine Hill Farm
Walker, IA
Pine Hill Farm specializes in growing vintage, heirloom cut flowers. Treasures lost in our past that deserve a place in our hearts and homes. Our flowers feature the best of what's in season. Handpicked and arranged fresh for the most impact and fragrance.
Pine Hill Farm specializes in growing cut flower varieties that cannot be shipped to florists from wholesalers. Delicate flowers that cannot withstand being shipped out of water in a box. We are also a farmer-florist, meaning we not only grow our flowers, we also design with them. This allows us to sell wholesale, to florists, and also retail. Our farm is the only farm in the area who is a farmer-florist. This is our second year of operation. We have many florists who are excited about the flowers we offer, as well as many customers who are excited to see a flower farm offer fresh, unique varieties.
Cassandra Kubik works the flower farm full time. I wear many hats throughout the season. I start each of my flowers from seed in the early spring, later transplanting out into the high tunnels and field. I plant, weeding, water, fertilize, prep beds, harvest, design, and sell. Jacob Kubik works a full time town job and farms in the evenings. He oversees amending and tilling beds, fertility, irrigation, pest management, compost tea, and building structures.

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