#SleepWithTheCows at Iowa's Only Authentic FarmStay

Lynn Bolin
New Day Dairy GuestBarn Bed & Breakfast
Clarksville, IA
New Day Dairy's GuestBarn has 3 bedrooms (each with a private bathroom). From the common loft guests have a 24/7 view of the 150 cows enjoying life in our robotic dairy barn. Guests enjoy intro & farewell tours in the barn, a beautiful garden, & a continental breakfast.
We are Iowa's (and the Midwest's) first authentic FarmStay where guests can #sleepwiththecows. Other Midwest farm-based Bed & Breakfasts do not offer the immersive authentic experience of 24/7 cow gazing. They are often located in older farmhouses, sometimes with shared bathrooms.

Through online marketing and partnerships with local businesses & groups, initially guests will book rooms through AirBnB, and eventually book direct through our upgraded website. Millennials & up and coming GenZ's look for unique travel experiences. What they eat & why they eat is part of their image, the way clothing was to past generations. New Day Dairy's GuestBarn brings travel and food together in an authentic place of discovery and modern relaxation.

More than a million Millennials living in the Midwest stay in B&B or AirBnB properties each year. We can achieve our first year goal of 30% occupancy of 360 couples/rooms. Each following year our goal is to grow another 10% in occupancy. The industry standard is 50% occupancy, our goal during our 3rd year and beyond. Within our unique niche we have not found any place the like New Day Dairy's GuestBarn. Other local lodgings with 30 miles are 10 chain hotels & 10 B&B's or AirBnB's and only one has a strong web presence.

Currently we have one room furnished and available (out of a possible three) for guests to book. With Grow Your Future Funds we are looking to more quickly finish the space so we can host more guests.

Finishing projects include 1) furnishing the additional two rooms 2) additional furniture like a Murphy bed so entire groups can rent the space 3) finishing off the patio area so guests can enjoy Iowa's beautiful outdoors and 4) and upgrading our website to help more people find us.
Lynn Bolin grew up a city girl. While attending Iowa State University she fell in love with a dairy farmer, Dan. In 2011, after living overseas, they moved to his 5th generation dairy farm in North Iowa. Life on the farm was fascinating and her passion to share it with others grew.

While building a new dairy barn in 2015 an idea formed: Build a space directly connected to the barn for the Bolin family to live in right away then transform it into a Bed & Breakfast. With #DairymanDan managing the dairy, Lynn began dreaming, learning, creating, managing, and implementing a unique immersive lodging experience where guests could #sleepwiththecows.

With a degree in Business Management, travel experiences, a passion for building bridges to agriculture, and a love for hospitality, Lynn is the primary force behind New Day Dairy's GuestBarn. Her networking & management skills have drawn in family members, neighbors, friends, and community members to work with her on this project.

Dan, along with his parents, Dave & Pam, daily care for the cows at New Day Dairy. They, too, understand the importance and have the passion, skills, & training to share dairy and agriculture's story with our guests. As part of New Day Dairy they will be part of welcoming our guests.

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