Brightside Cafe & Deli:Iowa's Brightest Cafe

Juan Munoz
Brightside Cafe & Deli
Sioux City, IA
Brightside Cafe & Deli is a place where you can escape the negative world environment and enjoy inspiring quotes, excellent music, and delicious food that soothes the soul. We offer a wide range of breakfast and lunch entrees made fresh with a homestlye finish.
Brightside has a unique, and inviting atmosphere that keeps bringing people back. We focus on inspiring our community not only by the positive quotes on our walls, but also by being a business that cares and gives back to our community. We have hosted block parties, live music days, Kids Days with build your own cup cakes, and recently we launched a Free Meal program called Feed It Forward. Feed It Forward allows patrons to purchase a meal for someone in need.
We serve breakfast and lunch with wide variety menu, full of delicious entrees ready to make your mouth water. Our burgers have already been awarded 3rd place for best burger in Sioux City. We are hopeful to be known as the best breakfast in Sioux City, and according to our customers we are well on our way.
Sioux City is saturated with restaurants, but many of the available breakfast places are corporate chains. We are a local mom-and-pop shop that gives back to the community!
My name is Juan Munoz. Brightside Cafe & Deli is my second business as I also own Inside-Out Family Chiropractic where my full time employment is. Brightside Cafe & Deli is run primarily by my brother, our family and our staff. My role is to direct the vision of Brightside and help with management. My time is limited in day to day responsibilities, but it has created a family run atmosphere.

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