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Shay Van Schepen
Shaybe's Boutique
Rock Valley, IA
Shaybe's is a small town boutique offering clothing from infants to plus sizes as well as shoes, jewelry, handbags, etc all in a variety of styles. We also work with other small entrepreneurs and sell their items such as a children's clothing line, hair accessories, and even home decor.
I am unique to Rock Valley as I am offering new clothing items. We have two consignment shoes in Rock Valley but when I opened up I was offering new boutique attire for all ages. By offering these items customers are able to quick stop in and shop for an outfit for any occasion. This might not sound big but when our closest areas for new retail shopping are Sioux Falls or Sioux City it is just not that easy. It can be overwhelming for some customers to try and make it to these places as they have a lot on the plate and tight schedules to accommodate. That is where Shaybe's steps in to help alleviate that burden.
I sell new items in store but I work really hard to offer them at a price that is affordable as I understand what it is like to be working within a budget.
The retail world is not an easy world to keep up with. It is constantly changing and there is always something that is the latest and greatest. By being in a small town and not in a bigger city my audience is limited to the working, small town community and their families but that is what the fun part is also. I get to provide items that are not always seen from one big chain store to the next. I get to offer something that is unique and that is what I strive to offer. Allowing everyone to be there own person and stand out in the crowd, building confidence, and resources in my small town and community.
Like every business I have competitors. I actually have a local competitor that moved into town shortly after I opened my store front but we both offer different styles so it makes more of a draw to our community and not a hindrance. There are also several other local boutiques in the neighboring towns as well as home based boutiques too. Again all offer something different which can make things more of a benefit and not a problem. But that is not to say that it does not bring worry and fear with it as well. With every competitor there is concern for what the future of my business holds. So the competition is there and at times it is rewarding and at other times it is a struggle.
I, Shay Van Schepen, am the owner of Shaybe's Boutique. I started Shaybe's from the ground up! Meaning that I did not purchase into a franchise but did the research to start my own business. I wanted to have pride in something that I built and hope to pass this business on to my daughter if she feels lead to take over some day. I also want my children to see what a little or a lot of hard work can do. After making the decision to pursue a boutique business I then had to do the research to find the quality wholesalers. I currently run all aspects of my business including but not limited to purchasing, book keeping, revenue research, inventory management, as well as attending vendor fairs to sell my clothing items and promote my business. In 2019, we opened a storefront location and took on a full time employee to run the day to day store operations. We also have a part time employee to help when we are busy and when my full time employee has other obligations. We working to expand our inventory and finish up a few minor repairs in the building but everything in this business is a work in progress every day. This funding would go to help see those changes take place.

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